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  • Q1
    was a British politician determined to defeat France by borrowing large sums of money to ensure a British victory.
    William Pitt
  • Q2
    This led to the British imposing taxes on the colonies to help pay for a war that the British felt the colonies were responsible for the war. After 1763, Great Britain owed 133 million dollars, and the interest on this debt took 60% of the nation's income.
    British debt after the French and Indian War
  • Q3
    The official ending of the French and Indian War. France gave New France to the British, and New Orleans and all French land west of the Mississippi River were given to Spain. Spain gave the British Florida.
    Treaty of Paris 1763
  • Q4
    The British began to enforce laws and restrictions on the colonists that, in the past, they had ignored. They also started making and enforcing new laws (mainly taxes)
    Salutary neglect
  • Q5
    The name is given to men with little to no military experience who agree to fight when needed to defend their land or area relatively close to where they live. They are often called the citizens' Army.
    Colonial militias-
  • Q6
    It is when a strong military presence is maintained during peace.
    Standing Army
  • Q7
    The British Government promised all colonists the same rights as Englishmen living in England. This would include representation in parliament.
    Rights of Englishmen
  • Q8
    was the slogan used by the colonists to express their concern about not being given Englishmen's rights through representation in England's parliament.
    "No taxation without representation"
  • Q9
    This is also known as prejudice, which is when a person or group of people are in favor of or against one thing, person, or group; it is unfair treatment.

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