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  • Q1
    Before getting to school, Sally has a few errands to run. Sally has to walk 10 blocks to the library, and 9 blocks to the theater, before walking the final 8 blocks to arrive at school. If Sally has already walked 12 blocks, how many more blocks must she walk before arriving at school?
    12 blocks
    39 blocks
    15 blocks
    10 blocks
  • Q2
    Sara wants 120 cupcakes for her party. Sara has already made 60 fudge cupcakes, and 36 mocha cupcakes. How many more cupcakes does Sara need to make?
    216 cupcakes
    24 cupcakes
    206 cupcakes
    96 cupcakes
  • Q3
    Benny likes to collect coins. Benny got 21 coins from his brother, 29 coins from his mother, as well as 16 coins from Fred. However, Benny lost 25 coins before putting those coins into his piggybank. How many coins does Benny have in his piggybank?
    56 coins
    31 coins
    66 coins
    41 coins
  • Q4
    See image
  • Q5
  • Q6
    Jason wants several different color plates for his birthday. Jason wants to get 120 cyan plates, 72 gold plates, and some amount of green plates. In total, Jason wants 276 plates, so how many green plates should he get?
    182 plates
    74 plates
    192 plates
    84 plates
  • Q7
    Sara made 3 different stacks of wooden blocks. The first stack was 8 blocks high, the second stack was 4 block(s) higher than the first, and the final stack was 8 block(s) higher than the second. In total, how many blocks did Sara use for all 3 stacks?
    40 blocks
    20 blocks
    28 blocks
    12 blocks

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