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Quotation Markrs

Quiz by Wafaa Yussuf

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  • Q1
    1. Which sentence is written correctly?
    -"Who wants the last piece of apple pie"? asked grandma.
    -"Who wants the last piece of apple pie?" asked grandma.
    -"Who wants the last piece of apple pie?" Asked grandma.
  • Q2
    2.Which sentence is written correctly?
    -Did she say, "We'll leave at 3:15."?
    -Did she say, "We'll leave at 3:15?"
    -Did she say, "We'll leave at 3:15"?
  • Q3
    3.Choose the sentence that uses quotation marks correctly.
    -Polly shouted, "I want a cracker!"
    -Polly shouted, "I want a cracker."
    -Polly shouted, "I want a cracker"!
  • Q4
    4.Which of the following are quotation marks?
    - ,
    - "
  • Q5
    5-Does the following sentence punctuated correctly? My mom said, "You need to get going!"
  • Q6
    6-Which sentence is written correctly?
    -She said, “ Hurry up.”
    - she said"hurry up.
    - she said,"hurry up" .
  • Q7
    7.Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
    - Sam cried "I hurt my ankle"
    - Sam cried, I hurt my ankle!"
    -Sam cried,"I hurt my ankle !"
  • Q8
    8.Which sentence is punctuated correctly ?
    - kim said,"let's watch a movie"
    - kim said,"Let's watch a movie.
    -Kim said, " Let's watch a movie."
  • Q9
    9. Which sentence is punctuated correctly ?
    -Jack shouted, "here I am!"
    -Jack shouted, Here I am!
    -Jack shouted, "Here I am!"
  • Q10
    10.Which sentence is written correctly?
    -Ben exclaimed, "A bigger classroom would be nice!"
    -Ben exclaimed a bigger classroom would be nice!
    -Ben exclaimed, A bigger classroom would be nice!"

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