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Race and Technology

Quiz by daniel fogt

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  • Q1

    Acordding to Rhua Benjamin how to we stop inequality in tech force? 

    Companies should start to hire people of color to test the project once the white people is done with the project. 

    By separating the products, so once they have made a product that works with white skin they should make one after for darker skin. 

    It is not possible in the society we have right now

    She argues that if there were more equality throughout race among the coworkers, you would find more equality in the tech.

  • Q2

    What does Rhua mean by Counter technology?

    Technology that can be a force for good - in the sense of f.ex social activism

    Counter technology = Technology that counts the number of discrimination. 

    It's inspired by counter strike and is all about eliminating all threats. 

    She argues that countering technology is always a noble action (regardless of inherent purpose behind the counter)

  • Q3

    Rhua takes an issue with using policing algorithms - they may unfairly target communities of color. How does she argue this?

    She argue that since the algorithm was designed by white men - it will imply that it will look down on people of color (as the human psyche is fundamentally evolved with group think in mind). 

    The algorithm must be trained on data. This data could hold biases against certain groups of people.

    Rhua don't like whites.

    Algorithms can never be relied upon to take actions about humans

  • Q4

    What is an artificial Neural network?

    Technology that imitates the human brain

    Technology that lets us read thoughts

    Technology that helps cognitive scientists

    Technology that creates human-like text

  • Q5

    Why can automatic soap dispensers be considered racist?

    They are always white to represent cleanliness

    They are only installed in richer, whiter communities

    They assume the amount of soap that we need

    The infrared light does not detect black skin

  • Q6

    How are robots racist?

    AI trains a robot to be racist

    They enforce racial hierarchy embedded in algorithms.

    Robots are enherently neutral

    A large study has shown that programmers intentionally program robots to be racist.


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