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RACE Review Exam

Quiz by Alyson Benton

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    PART A. Which is the BEST restatement & answering of the following prompt? Select a song that is important to you. Explain its significance.
    There are many songs I like. One of the them is "Into the Mystic".
    In my opinion, "Into the Mystic" is an important song.
    "Into the Mystic" is a good song. I really like it.
    A song that is significant to me is "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison.
  • Q2
    Which of the following should be included in restating a prompt?
    transitional phrases, such as "the text states"
    key terms from the prompt
    a declaration of love as we approach Valentine's Day
    evidence and explanation
  • Q3
    Which of the following is true about RACE?
    RACE is unique to Milliken Middle School and isn't used anywhere else.
    RACE teaches students how to closely read and annotate.
    RACE helps people to remember the parts of an argument.
    RACE stands for read, answer, claim and evidence.
  • Q4
    What does it mean to CITE evidence?
    to provide deeper connections between ideas
    to tell which source the information came from
    to explain what the evidence means
    to use key terms from the prompt or question
  • Q5
    Which quotation has the correct citation?
    In summary, aardvarks should be considered human's best friend.
    The author states, "it learned to walk without having feet" (14).
    According to the text four score and seven years ago.
    "And I said 'two hotels'" is a great line from the movie.
  • Q6
    When you directly quote from a text, you must...
    put quotation marks around the words copied from the text.
    use a period at the end of every question so you build credibility.
    include a question mark at the end of quotation since you aren't sure.
    put the quotation in your own words, so you don't have to cite it.
  • Q7
    Summary, paraphrase (using my own words) and direct quotations are forms of _______?
  • Q8
    What does a mnemonic device, such as RACE or PEMDAS, help me do?
    solve equations and show my work
    remember the steps of something
    these are acronyms for English and Math
    write a paragraph or essay
  • Q9
    What is the "A" in RACE reminding me to do?
    address the main ideas to summarize the text
    accelerate so I can run faster than others
    provide answers to all parts of the prompt
    identify evidence and form citations
  • Q10
    When you answer the question that is asked, you need to explain why you believe that to be a valid answer.
  • Q11
    Sometimes, an explanation isn't needed. People will know what I mean.
  • Q12
    This is the claim (answer) : The setting is important because is adds to the scary mood of the story. What is the question?
    Why is the setting important?
    When is the setting a mood?
    Where does the story take place?
    What is the theme of the story?
  • Q13
    RACE should only be used in English class.
    This statement is 100% true. All day. No cap.
    This is a false statement.

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