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Raisin In the Sun Act III

Quiz by Kim Derrick

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  • Q1
    Why didn't Beneatha want to be a doctor anymore?
    She got a job as a waitress.
    She's running away with her man.
    She used to think fixing people's ailment was the best thing to do. Now she thinks that physical ailments aren't the problem of society. People's hearts aren't true. She gives up on the human race and calls them "puny, small and selfish." She sees no human battle worth fighting.
    Her money is gone.
  • Q2
    How did Asagai define "idealists" and "realists"?
    Idealists live in Idaho and Realists live in Rhode Island.
    Life is simply a long line-as in geometry, you know, one that reaches into infinity. And because we cannot see the end-we cannot see how it changes. And it is very odd but those who see the changes are called "idealists" and those who cannot, or refuse to think, they are the "realists."
    idealists are those who have ideas and realists are those who keep it real.
    Idealists change the world and realists run the world.
  • Q3
    What does Asagai ask Beneatha to do?
    wear his traditional African headdress
    fix her hair
    get a job
    marry him and go back to Africa with him
  • Q4
    What fault does Mama find with herself
    She worked too hard
    She babied Beneatha too much
    She babied Walter too much
    She has aimed too high and had too high of dreams
  • Q5
    What solution does Walter have?
    sell his kidney
    accepting the money from Linder will solve their problem
    rent their house for parties
    start a pasta company
  • Q6
    Why didn't Walter take the money Linder offered?
    Walter is a good, decent man underneath. His conscience and moral upbringing wouldn't let him ruin his family's pride.
    The check bounced
    Mama told him no
    Ruth said no
  • Q7
    Did the Youngers stay or move?

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