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Ramona the Brave

Quiz by Bruce Keizer

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    In the chapter called "Trouble in the Park," the boys were calling Ramona's sister, Beatrice, a name. What was it?
    Beezus Jesus
    Beady-eyed Beezus
    Beezus Tease-Us
    Beezus Weezus
  • Q2
    What did Ramona feel was the most exasperating thing a grown-up could say?
    " If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore."
    "Do your homework no matter what you think of it."
    "Go to your room before I count to five. "
    "This is your bedtime and you cannot stay up any later."
  • Q3
    Why was the new bedroom a disappointment to Ramona?
    She thought it was too small.
    She was feeling guilty and worried about her parents finding out what she did at school.
    She felt guilty about the cost of the addition on the house.
    She was even more terrified than before.
  • Q4
    What game did Howie and Ramona like to play?
    Dust Factory
    Brick Factory
    House Building
    Dirt Factory
  • Q5
    When Ramona told the class about the hole chopped in her house and no one believed her, who WOULDN'T admit that she was telling the truth?
    Mrs. Quimby
    Mr. Quimby
  • Q6
    What bad thing did Ramona do?
    She pushed one of the Erics on the floor.
    She scrunched up Susan's owl.
    She ripped up her progress report.
    She copied Davy's homework.
  • Q7
    What picture in "Wild Animals of Africa" scared Ramona?
  • Q8
    What did Ramona do when she met the big dog?
    She threw her shoe at him.
    She petted him.
    She complained to the owner.
    She ran away.
  • Q9
    Why did Ramona sneak off during recess?
    To make a paper slipper
    To get another pair of shoes from home
    To find the big dog who had her shoe
    To borrow a shoe from Beezus
  • Q10
    What was on Ramona's shoe when she got back?
    a big dent
    a hole
    all of these
  • Q11
    Why was Ramona worried about Parents' Night?
    She had misbehaved at school.
    She cheated on a test.
    She told people about her house.
    She snuck outside to recess.
  • Q12
    How did Ramona's classmates react to her story about losing the shoe?
    They were understanding and felt bad for her.
    They laughed at her and made fun of her.
    They went over to the dog owner's house to go get it for her.
    They didn't believe anything she said, and they ignored her.

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