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Rational Number Operations

Quiz by Amber Shelton

Grade 7
North Carolina K-8 Extended Content Standards

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Alice had ─$17 in her bank account. She added the $64.27 she earned that week. Then, he spent $54.50 on a new game. How much money is in her account now?
  • Q2
    Over the course of a 7 week aerobics class, the people participating have a combined weight change of ─35 pounds. If there are 4 people in the class, what is the average change in weight per person?
  • Q3
    Justin gives his sister 3/5 of his dollar. How much money is that?
  • Q4
    Brian buys 2 books for $15.99 each, a DVD for $19.95, and a magazine for $2.50. He also returns a jacket that costs $42.59. What is the net change in the amount of money he has after his shopping trip?
  • Q5
    What is 50% as a simplified fraction?

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