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Raymond's Run Quiz

Quiz by JoAnn Goynes

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  • Q1
    In paragraph 5, what does the word prodigy mean?
    Jealous and petty
    Extraordinarily Talented
  • Q2
    How does the author provide the reader with a better understanding of the conflict?
    The author writes in first person point of view
    The author writes the text to entertain us
    The author builds tension between characters through the rising action
    The author describes the characterization of each individual character
  • Q3
    Choose the best answer to the following question: The story is written in first person point of view to help the reader understand...
    Because it allows us to know that Squeaky loves running
    How Squeaky thinks and feels which allows us to see her inner conflict
    To learn about Raymond
    To better understand Gretchen
  • Q4
    How do Squeaky’s actions influence the theme?
    By revealing her kindness to her brother and newfound respect for others
    Squeaky’s actions influence the theme by showing her happiness when she learns Raymond would make a fine runner
    Squeaky’s actions influence the theme by showing us that walking away from a fight is the right thing to do
    By showing us how fast she is
  • Q5
    How does Broadway impact the setting of the story?
    By informing you of where Squeaky lives
    It provides imagery for Harlem, New York
    The setting of Broadway allows space for Squeaky to train
    It provides for a place for Gretchen to confront Raymond

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