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RD120TV - Crosscheck #3

Quiz by Lenard Anthony Unay

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  • Q1

    What is the incorrect statement about the main purpose of the Top View feature?

    Shortening the work process.

    Increase the amount of the daily work uploads.

    Add or delete forgotten tags from FV.

    To tag and label lane marks, road edges and point of interest much easier.

  • Q2

    When marking a clip in Top View, how do we know the host vehicle direction?

    By following the white dots.

    By playing the clip forward.

    By forwarding the clip.

    By seeing it to the Frame View.

  • Q3

    What marking is not accurate?

    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
  • Q4

    When do we apply the 'None' attribute in lane?

    We need to apply it every time.

    When the mark is necessary.

    No correct answer.

    When the mark is not necessary.

  • Q5

    How our markings in Top View will appear in Frame View?

    Perform a tag check using Ctrl + Shift + T.

    Toggling between TV and FV using Ctrl + Shift + P.

    When processing our markings by using F8.

    By approving the clip using Ctrl + Shift + A.

  • Q6

    We need to fix the OCC tags when?

    The generated tag should be a regular tag.

    There's no generated tag.

    The generated tag is occluded.

    No need to fix the OCC tags.

  • Q7

    If you encounter a clip with no predictions or more than 50% of the actual number of frames are without generated tags, what are you going to do?

    Mark the clip NothingToMark.

    Mark the clip invalidForMarking under Others.

    Mark the entire clip until in finish.

    Mark the clip invalidForMarking under Others - Missing predictions.

  • Q8

    What is the main purpose of Frame View?

    Shortening the process.

    Validating and fixing the markings that made in Top View.

    Increasing the amount of daily work uploads.

    Marking the clip much easier.

  • Q9

    Do we need to add 'NANmanually in Top View?




    Ask STL John

  • Q10

    What is the incorrect statement about the main purpose of the Frame View feature?

    Fix tag position where needed.

    Delete necessary tags from TV.

    Validate his/her editing work.

    Add or delete forgotten tags from TV.


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