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RDA Science 8


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50 questions
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  • Q1

    Ronald rides a jeepney going to school. While traveling, the jeepney driver suddenly applied force to the brakes. He notices that his body moves forward, then the jeepney moves again, and his body moves backward. Which property of matter illustrates this observation?

    C.  Mass

    B. Inertia 

    D.  net Force

    A.  Force

  • Q2

    Refer to the figure below which shows how the ball bounces on the ground. At what position does the ball have its greatest kinetic energy?

    Question Image

    C.  Position C  

    D.  PositionD  

    A.  Position A

    B.  PositionB

  • Q3

    Which quantity has the greatest influence on the amount of kinetic energy a vehicle has while traveling down the road?

    A.  Mass


    D.  Weight

    B.  Size

  • Q4

    In 1947, Chuck Yeager became the first pilot inhistory confirmed to have exceeded the speed of sound in level flight. Which ofthe following reason did Chuck Yeager’s team consider in choosing a highaltitude to break the sound barrier? 

    D. when the temperature is constant, the speed of sound is also constant

    B. when the temperature is higher, the speed of thesound is faster.

    C. when the temperature is higher, the speed of the sound is slower

    A. when the temperature is lower, the speed ofsound is faster

  • Q5

    A rainbow can be seen in the sky after the rain.Which of the following statements best explains this spectacularphenomenon? 

    A.   The white clouds served as a prism made of different colors

    C.    The colors of the rainbow were derived from the raindrops in the atmosphere

    B.    The raindrops act like a prism that separatessunlight into different colors.

    D.   The sunlight is reflected from the ground to the sky and separated into different colors.

  • Q6

    Metals like gold, silver, iron, and copper are good heat and electrical conductors. Which of the following justifies metals as conductors of heat and electricity? 

    B. relatively high density of metals

    D. similarity between thermal and electrical conductivity.

    A. high elasticity of metals

    C. looseness of the outer electron in the metal atom

  • Q7

    Which of the following electrical symbols represents a resistor?   

    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
    Answer Image
  • Q8

    Current is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance. Across a circuit, what will happen to the current when the resistance is held constant while the voltage is doubled?

    D.remains the same

    A. doubled   


    B. halved

  • Q9

    In the table below, which of the following electrical appliances has the highest amount of current flowing in it?

    Electrical Appliances                                    Voltage (V)                             Resistance (Ω)

    Electric fan                                                                   220                                                   35

    Rice cooker                                                                  220                                                   40

    Television                                                                      220                                                   45

    Washing machine                                                     220                                                   50

    A. Electricfan                         

    B. Rice cooker          

     C. Television            

       D.Washing machine 

  • Q10

    Christmas lights that were used as decorations during the holiday season are typical examples of a series circuit connection. In a series circuit, if one light bulb is burned out, what will happen to the other light bulbs? 

    B.    The brightness will increase.

    C.    The brightness will decrease.

    A.   They will not light up.

    D.   They will continue to light up.

  • Q11

    Which of the following is a disadvantage of connecting too many bulbs in a parallelconnection? 

    B.    It requires the use of several conducting wiresof varying sizes.

    C.    All bulbs in parallel connections are directly connected to the voltage source

    D.   Even if one of the light bulbs is damaged, allother light bulbs will still function

    A.   Even if you switch off one bulb, other bulbs are not affected

  • Q12

    Most appliances around the house use electricitywhich requires several safety devices to prevent fire and electrocution. Whichof the following statements is NOT TRUEabout safety devices used at home? 

    C.  They provide an alternative route for current in the case of a grounded circuit

    A. They prevent electric shock

    B. They cut the flow of current in case of overloading

    D.  They supply an unsteady amount of voltage toprotect appliances against overloading.

  • Q13

    What device shows the expansion of air when there is an increase in temperature?

    A. Thermograph          C.Thermopile


    B. Thermometer    

  • Q14

    Refer to the data in the table below, whichvehicle has the highest net force applied?

    Vehicles                                           Mass (kg)                                 Acceleration (m/s²)

    Bike                                                         100                                                            30

    Motorcycle                                         120                                                             22

    Tractor                                                   150                                                             15

    Truck                                                        200                                                             10

     A. Bike

    B.  Motorcycle

    D.  Truck

    C.  Tractor

  • Q15

    Tug of war is a game that tests the strength oft wo opposing teams. Two groups of Grade 8 students in a tug of war are pulling the rope with the same amount of forces. Applying Newton’s Law of Motion, what will happen to the groups of students?

    D. Group A and B will not move

    B. Group B will win

    C. Group A and B will fall

    A. Group A will win


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