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Quiz by wala adel

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  • Q1
    1-What are Jimmy Chin’s three jobs?
    A photographer and a teacher
    A climber, photographer and film director.
    A climber and a teacher
  • Q2
    2 - Jimmy enjoys travelling. How do you know this from the text?
    Because he replies, ‘Creating films and photographs in situations
    because is an American climber
    Because he prefers to commute to Mount Everest more than to an office.
  • Q3
    Do you think a lot of people visit the places that Jimmy photographs? Why or why not?
    No, I don’t think so. Because the places are too dangerous.
    Yes , I like and the places are safe
    Yes I think . I go to every Friday .
  • Q4
    Other than being a planetary scientist, what other jobs does Kevin have?
    A science advisor.
    A teacher
    An actor

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