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Quiz by Sola Adeoye

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  • Q1
    Which reader would most likely find the timeline useful?
    Question Image
    A student researching the order of events in Remington's life
    A teacher wanting to know if Remington liked art as a child
    A writer wondering how Remington felt about being a soldier
    An artist wondering what Remington's statues look like
  • Q2
    Who would probably find this picture most helpful?
    Question Image
    Someone researching the history of earmuffs
    Someone wanting information about Chester Greenwood Day
    Someone wondering where to buy earmuffs
  • Q3
    5. Read this table of contents from a book about Bell. Chapter 1: Bell's Happy Childhood Chapter 2: Teaching the Hearing-Challenged Chapter 3: Inventing the Telephone Chapter 4: The Science of Flight Chapter 5: Reflections on a Busy Life Which chapter would most likely contain a description of Visible Speech?
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 4
  • Q4
    Which detail from the passage is most likely fictional?
    The question Wilson asked his mother
    The photographs that Wilson took being published in a book
    The conversation between Wilson and his parents
    The encouragement Wilson received from his mother
  • Q5
    Which sentence from the passage is most likely fact rather than fiction?
    "I spent half the morning shoveling heavy, wet snow just to get breakfast to the cows in the barn!"
    Wilson's mother shook her head and picked up the mop again.
    Her voice was tired and low, "And I am forever mopping up puddles left by the snow you and the boys track into the house."
    The town, located in the "snowbelt," often receives about 120 inches of snow each winter.
  • Q6
    Which part of the passage is most likely fictional?
    The information about how much snow Jericho receives
    The grumbling about having to do chores when it snows
    The conversation between Wilson and his parents on his seventeenth birthday
    The passage is most likely fictional

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