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Quiz by aisyah nilam

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  • Q1

    My neighbour makes a lot of noise during the night. Last night, I couldn't sleep because __________ so I'm going to ask him to be quiet.

    he was playing loud music

    I had a lot of work to do

    he wanted to go to bed

  • Q2

    I don't have any classes for the next two weeks. That's why I am ........every day.

    looking for my dog

    going to the park

    walking to my school

  • Q3

    Buying things online is sometimes quicker and easier than going to a shopping centre. But I usually prefer buying clothes in a shop because__________.

    I don't have much free time

    I can try them on first

    websites have good discounts

  • Q4

    Dianne has worked in the same company for many years. He likes his colleagues but he's tired of doing the same thing _______ but he hasn't found one yet.

    He has an interesting project to do

    He's looking for a new job

     There are young people on his team

  • Q5

    The weather will be sunny this weekend. We were going to do some jobs in the house, but I think it would be a better idea ________.

      to cook chicken for dinner

     to go on holiday in the morning

    to work in the garden instead

  • Q6

    On Sunday, Mrs Shane is going to the park with her children. She likes the park because the children__________.

    don't have to go to school

    live in a very large house

    can play in the playground

  • Q7

    It's not too late to join our dance classes. Just _____ and give it to the receptionist. Don't forget to include your bank details!

    call us on Monday

    go to the class

    fill in this form

  • Q8

    Sam wakes up at 6 o'clock every morning and.....It is a long journey, and she's very tired when she gets to the office.

    has breakfast at home

    goes running with her friend

    takes the train to work

  • Q9

    William's a big fan of football. Every weekend, he watches his town's team play.

    They aren't very good and _____ But William doesn't mind and he enjoys going anyway.

    they often lose the match

     they work together well

    they have a terrible time

  • Q10

    Marry likes her job very much. It pays well and her colleagues are really nice. The only problem is that _______.

    the work is very interesting

    her boss is mean sometimes

     it is a very good company

  • Q11

    Naomi's favourite way to spend her time is looking after her garden. She likes it so much she _____ She's very happy with it now because it looks really pretty.

    goes to the park for a walk

    is outside doing something there every day

    buys flowers from the market in her town

  • Q12

    Jim is planning his holiday _____ for three days, but the agent told him the shortest stay is one week.

    He said his friends are away

    He wants to book a house

    He needs to get a car

  • Q13

    Last night I went out with my friend. We went to the cinema to see a film. We had to get a taxi afterwards because we _____.

    didn't have any money left

    missed the last bus home

    usually like to walk home

  • Q14

    Hi Mike. Can't wait to see you at the café later _____ I left it at your house this morning.

    Please don't forget to bring my phone

     I'll bring my homework so you can help me

    Bring your new game for us to play

  • Q15

    Finola William was the first person to climb Mount Patton, the highest mountain in the region. Before she went up she was a journalist in Jakarta, Indonesia where she _____ .

    wrote for a newspaper in the town

    drove a school bus in the area

    helped people at the clinic in the village


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