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  • Q1
    1. This refers to presentation of reasoned argument that evaluates and analyses what a person has
    D. Literary Analysis
    C. Creative Writing
    B. Critical Reading
    A. Critical Writing
  • Q2
    2. The following are features of critical reading except:
    C. Examine the interpretations made
    D. Check the meaning of the literary devices used
    A. Examine the evidence or arguments presented
    B. Check the limitations of the study’s design
  • Q3
    3. Evidence is a major aspect of critical reading. This refers to the data collected and presented in a text. However, it I. Context within which data were collected or created II. Steps in the analysis process III. Conclusions drawn IV. Writer’s opinion encompasses more than collected data. Which of the following can be considered as evidence?
    C. III and IV only
    D. I, II, III, IV
    A. I, II, III, only
    B. I and II only
  • Q4

    Read the paragraph below and answer the questions that follow:

    Distance Learning Delivery Modality (DLDM) is quite challenging for Mr. Primitivo Mangrobang, a seasoned senior high school teacher. The delivery of teaching-learning process among home-schooled learners entails time added efforts for him and for all the teachers in general. He struggles on how to impart his knowledge to the digital savvy learners. Because of this, Mr. Mangrobang sought technical assistance from their ICT Coordinator. Mr. Pedro Tablarin, their ICT Coordinator taught him how to download learning materials from the internet and present possible websites from potential resources. Moreover, Mr. Tablarin also taught Mr. Mangrobang on how to upload learning materials, using links in Google Drive for his learners to access the Powerpoint Presentation, pictures, and videos.

    _____ 4. What did Mr. Mangrobang use in developing and delivering the context of his lessons?

    C. Context-based
    B. Hypertext
    A. Intertext
    D. Digital-based
  • Q5
    5. How did Mr. Primitivo Mangrobang resolve his problem in the DLDM?
    A. He sought technical assistance from the ICT Coordinator.
    D. He coordinated with an ICT expert who helped him acquire the technical skills he needed.
    C. He worked hard in learning how to download and upload learning materials.
    B. The ICT Coordinator mentored him in using online instructions.
  • Q6

    6. Identify which academic text includes the following guidelines below. Write BR for Book Review, AR for Article Review, LR for Literature Review, RR for Research Report, and PP for Project Proposal. Write your answer on the space provided before the number.

    _____ 6. Include critical discussion about the points in the article

    D. Project Proposal
    A. Literature Review
    C. Article Review
    B. Research Report
  • Q7
    7. Provide biographical details about the author of the reading material
    C. Project Proposal
    B. Research Report
    A. Book Review
    D. Article Review
  • Q8
    8. Write an outline of the schedule and budget to accomplish the solution
    D. Literature Review
    B. Project Proposal
    A. Article Review
    C. Research Report
  • Q9
    9. Clearly write the introduction which includes the statement of the problem or rationale
    C. Research Report
    B. Project Proposal
    D. Literature Review
    A. Article Review
  • Q10
    10. Keep track of the search items which will be used for the references
    C. Project Proposal
    B. Research Report
    A. Literature Review
    D. Article Review
  • Q11
    Set the success criteria for the program
    A. Project Proposal
    B. Book Review
    C. Literature Review
    D. Research Report
  • Q12
    Rewrite the following using the proper mechanics in writing a letter. 12. brigham young university
    A. Brigham young university
    B. Brigham Young university
    C. Brigham Young University
    D. brigham Young University
  • Q13
    13. engineering building (eb) room 330
    A. Engineering Building (EB), Room 330
    D. A. Engineering Building (EB), 330
    c. A. Engineering Building, Room 330
    B. Engineering Building (EB), Rm 330
  • Q14
    14. provo ut 84602 801-422-2586
    D.Provo UT 84602 801-422-2586
    A. Provo, ut 84602 801-422-2586
    B. Provo, UT 84602 801-422-2586
    C. provo, UT 84602 801-422-2586
  • Q15
    15. bachelor degree
    B. Bachelor Degree
    D. achelor degree
    C. Bachelor degree
    A. bachelors degree

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