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Reading comprehension

Quiz by Melody

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  • Q1
    When glove puppetry was first introduced to Taiwan, how did audiences enjoy these puppet shows?
    By watching cable TV.
    By going to temple festivals.
    By going to the movies.
    By renting videos.
  • Q2
    After the Second World War, ________ plays an important role in glove puppetry performances.
    graceful puppet movements
    pop songs
    Japanese flavor
    colorful costumes
  • Q3
    Which of the following sentences in the reading is the author's opinion?
    Numerous fan clubs have sprung up, and cosplayers often dress up as famous glove-puppet characters.
    As many in Taiwan are pushing for the preservation of folk arts, maybe it is time for local folk artists to draw inspiration from the success of glove puppetry to step forward on the world stage.
    Having the ratings of more than 90 percent, The Scholar Swordsman still enjoys the highest number of viewers in the history of television in Taiwan.
    After Japan was defeated in the Second World War and the colonial era ended, glove puppetry, back to its true nature, grew in popularity again.

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