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Reading: Island story

Quiz by Inga Simončiuk

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Why is John Sailike sad?
    He misses friends from his community.
    He regrets his childhood.
    He doesn't want to leave the island.
    He can't hear the sea at night.
  • Q2
    What do people do on the island?
    Men and women do similar work.
    They try to provide their own food.
    They have frequent contact with the outside world.
    They use a lot of electricity.
  • Q3
    What first impressions of the island does the writer give?
    People on the island are unhappy.
    Islanders need more help from the outside world.
    It's difficult for islanders to live there.
    Life on the island is very simple.
  • Q4
    Which of these things is not a problem for the islands?
    A poor food supply.
    More risk of illnesses.
    Fresh water shortages.
    Too many people.
  • Q5
    What might happen when the islanders relocate?
    They won't be able to find work.
    They won't be able to communicate.
    People will forget Carteret traditions.
    Tehre won't be enough food and shelter.
  • Q6
    How have people helped the islanders?
    They have supported the younger generations.
    They have built them new homes.
    They have researched climate change.
    They have tried to protect their traditions.

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