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Reading Portion of 6-8 ELPAC Practice Test

Quiz by Erica Ramirez

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  • Q1
    (The Liberty Bell) What is the main idea of the text?
    George Washington helped make the Liberty Bell.
    The Liberty Bell is an important Landmark
    The Liberty Bell traveled by train.
    Bells can get a lot of people's attention
  • Q2
    (The Liberty Bell) When was the Liberty Bell NOT rung?
    At the signing of the Constitution
    On George Washington's birthday
    At the signing of the Declaration of Independence
    At an important event in San Francisco
  • Q3
    (The Liberty Bell) When was the Liberty Bell rung?
    only on George Washington's birthday
    It was rung only on special occasions in history
    When it traveled to different towns and cities
  • Q4
    (The Liberty Bell) What are bells used for?
    to ring it on president's birthday
    to get students attention
    To tell people about major events
    to tell people the time
  • Q5
    (The Liberty Bell) Where can the LIberty Bell be found on display?
    WHite House
    Washington D.C.
    San Francisco
    Philadelphia, Pennsilvania
  • Q6
    (The Liberty Bell) What is the Liberty Bell well-known for?
    Its size
    Its sound
    Its large crack
    Its history
  • Q7
    (The Liberty Bell) When did the Liberty Bell traveled to San Francisco?
    In 1819
    In 1915
    In 1918
    In 1519
  • Q8
    (The Liberty Bell) What symbol does the Liberty Bell still represents?
  • Q9
    (Should School Start Later?) Which statement BEST states the main idea of the student's essay?
    Fewer courses should be offered in middle and High Schools.
    Teenagers are learning how to manage their time well.
    Teenagers should go to school later in the day.
    School days should be shorter.
  • Q10
    (Should School Start Later?) What do the words going through MOST NEARLY mean as they are used in paragraph 2?
  • Q11
    (Should School Start Later?) Which sentence from the student's essay supports the idea that most teenagers are not currently getting the correct amount of sleep?
    teenagers can lose sleep for a number of reasons.
    Only 15% of teenagers surveyed report getting at least 8 hours of sleep during the school week.
    students who lack adequate sleep tend to make more impulsive decisions and take more risks.
    Most of this research has shown that teenagers need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.
  • Q12
    (Should School Start Later?) Read this sentence from paragraph 2 of the student's essay. During sleep, important brain activity and functions are performed TO MANAGER these changes. Choose the correct option to replace the underlined words.
    to manage
    to management
    to managed
    to managing
  • Q13
    (Should School Start Later?) What word is the MOST EFFECTIVE replacement for the word "things" in paragraph 3?
  • Q14
    (Should School Start Later?) What evidence does the student writer use to support the idea that teenagers have a biological need to sleep?
    Teenagers can have a busy social schedule that keeps them up late.
    The internal body clocks of students change when they become teenagers.
    Students have too much homework after school.
    Teenagers like to watch TV or play video games late into the evening.
  • Q15
    (Should School Start Later?) According to the student's essay, what is an EXTERNAL factor that can lead to sleeplessness in teenagers?
    difficulty concentrating on complex tasks and assignments
    A home environment where parents and younger siblings do not need as much sleep
    body clocks that have been readjusted
    starting school later

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