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Reading: responsible tourism

Quiz by Sasiyaporn Khonharn

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16 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the purpose of paragraph 1?

    Question Image

    To contrast responsible tourism with overtourism

    To show disapproval of overtourism

    To define responsible tourism

    To raise an alarm about overtourism

  • Q2

    What is the main idea of paragraph 2?

    Question Image

    To travel as a responsible tourist, one should think about where and when to visit.

    Overtourism is a big problem of Spain, Italy, Iceland and Croatia.

    Barcelona is not the only place that is worth visiting in Spain.

    Tourists to Spain should visit the villages and mountains outside big cities.

  • Q3

    What is the writer’s suggestion for responsible tourists in Spain?

    Go to other countries rather than Spain

    Go wherever they are warmly welcomed

     Not to visit Barcelona

    Go to places where they can see real Spanish daily life

  • Q4

    Why does the writer mention the Catalan capital in paragraph 3?

    Question Image

    To guarantee that it is a must to visit

    To give an example of visiting a popular place at an appropriate time

    To recommend it as another choice of places to visit

    To promote it as the most popular tourist attraction

  • Q5

    Which of the following is NOT one of the writer’s suggestions when traveling?

    Travel in a large group

    Support conservation

    Take tours with local guides

    Stay at places belonging to locals

  • Q6

    What do we learn from paragraph 6?

    Question Image

    The best way to discourage tourists from visiting

    The tourists’ beneficial behaviors

    The ways governments and local authorities control tourist numbers

    The prices of permits to certain attractions

  • Q7

     How do tourists view gorilla tracking in East Africa?

    There are not enough gorillas to see.

    It makes it a unique event to do once in their lives.

    There are too many tourists in the waiting list.

    It’s too difficult to get permits.

  • Q8

    What would be the best title for this article?

    Popular Tourist Attractions

    The Best Times and Places to Travel

    Avoidance of Tourism

    How to Be a Responsible Tourist

  • Q9

    In paragraph 2, the word “ pueblo” is closest in meaning to

    Question Image





  • Q10

    In paragraph 7, the word “Tackle” is closest in meaning to

    Question Image

    Embark on

    Get to grips with

    get round to

    look down on

  • Q11

    Responsible tourism prioritizes the environment more than anything else.

    True or False
  • Q12

    Traveling during the off-season is another way to solve the problem.

    True or False
  • Q13

    The key solution is to advise locals on how to handle tourists.

    True or False
  • Q14

    The overpopulation of tourists in the area can cause local residents stress and anxiety.

    True or False
  • Q15

    Governments and related organizations have to step in to help solve the problem through controlling the number of tourists in various ways.

    True or False

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