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  • Q1
    Which detail from the passage best supports the idea that the captain was hiding from someone?
    The captain always asked if any sailors had come by on the road while he was out on the cove with his brass telescope.
    The captain is missing two fingers on his left hand.
    The captain woke up early for a morning stroll.
    Black Dog came to visit him at the inn.
  • Q2
    Which sentence best supports this claim: Black Dog wants to surprise the captain when he returns to the inn.
    "He told me to go and leave the door wide open."
    "He was a pale, thin creature, missing two fingers of the left hand, and though he wore a sword, he did not look much like a fighter."
    "... the stranger back me into the captain's room and put me behind him in the corner so that we were both hidden by the open door."
    "At last the captain returned and slammed the door behind him, without looking to the right or left, and marched straight across the room to where his breakfast awaited him."
  • Q3
    How does the captain react when he first sees Black Dog?
    He yells at the narrator.
    He stabs Black Dog in the left shoulder.
    He laughs with happiness.
    He gasps with surprise.
  • Q4
    "'Bill,' said the stranger in a voice that I thought he had tried to make bold and big." The word "big" in this sentence most closely means...
  • Q5
    What event in the passage causes Black Dog to leave the inn?
    Black Dog steals the captain's sea-chest.
    Jim Hawkins tells him he is not welcome to stay.
    The captain fights him and chases him away.
    Black Dog realizes that the captain is not the man he was looking for.
  • Q6
    Which is the best summary of the passage?
    A ragged man comes to the inn to stay. He seems lonely, but he doesn't want to talk to to other sailors that come by on the road.
    Jim Hawkins witnesses a strange confrontation between a sea captain and a man named Black Dog at his parents' inn.
    Black Dog is frightened of the captain and runs away.
    Black Dog thinks his captain is his old shipmate Bill.
  • Q7
    What is the effect of the author's decision to present the events through Jim Hawkins' point of view?
    It emphasizes the mystery of the captain, Black Dog, and their past.
    It demonstrates the dullness of working at an inn.
    It helps the reader understand why the captain is hiding from Black Dog.
    It shows how frightening Black Dog is.
  • Q8
    "Signs throughout the park remind visitors that such thievery is against the law, punishable by stiff fines and even prison sentences." The word "stiff" most closely means...
  • Q9
    "In Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park is being stretched to its limits. So is its Montana neighbor, Grand Teton National Park. Together, the two parks could receive nearly 5 million people- ten times the population of Wyoming- over the course of the year." Which of the author's claims do these lines support?
    Campgrounds, lodges, and parking lots in the parks are always full.
    People do not realize how harmful their activities can be to the parks.
    Souvenir hunters are stealing natural treasures from the parks.
    Record numbers of people are visiting the national parks.
  • Q10
    How does the section "Illegal Souvenirs" develop the author's main idea?
    by showing the impressive aspects of one national park
    by showing that most people aren't aware that they're doing harm
    by presenting solutions to the problem of illegal souvenirs
    by describing in detail how petrified wood is formed
  • Q11
    How can one penny harm the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park?
    Pennies and other shiny coins attract unwanted wildlife to Old Faithful.
    Pennies can chip the rock around the base of the vent, making it unstable.
    Countless visitors, each throwing one penny, could permanently clog the vent.
    Melted copper from pennies can affect the chemical makeup of the springs.
  • Q12
    Which states the author's main purpose for writing this passage?
    to describe the attractions in several popular national parks
    to explain the punishments for breaking the law in the national parks
    to make readers aware of the damage done to national parks by visitors
    to persuade the readers to avoid the national parks with fragile ecosystems
  • Q13
    Which statement is supported by the information in the passage?
    Most people who visit the most popular national parks want to harm them.
    People sometimes fail to consider the effects of their own actions.
    One person's actions can have an effect on our national parks.
    Park rangers have no power to enforce the rules in the national parks.
  • Q14
    How does the author establish his point of view that people who damage the parks should be dealt with kindly and fairly?
    He explains how much damage carelessness can cause the parks.
    He quotes two park representatives who say that visitors are not bad people.
    He warns about fines and other punishments for visitors who cause damage in the parks.
    He suggests that fewer people should come to the national parks.

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