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Reading Review

Quiz by Napapat Ponrit

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20 questions
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  • Q1

    Which sentence isn’t correct about Sun Yun Wing?

    Question Image

    He is from Hong Kong.

    He is married

    Hecame to London alone.

    He went to school in London.

  • Q2

    Which sentence isn’t correct about Basher Ali

    Question Image

    He learned English in school in London.

    He has children.

    He came to London with his family.

    He goes back to Bangladesh often.

  • Q3

    Which sentence isn’t correct about Apara Asuquo ?

    Question Image

    She was successful in Nigeria.

    She came to London with her husband.

    She misses Nigeria.

    She has five children

  • Q4

    Who have a business in London?

    AparaAsuquo and her children

    Sun Yun Wing and BasherAli

    BasherAli and Apara's husband

    Sun Yun Wing and AparaAsuquo

  • Q5

    How can Basher Ali help his community in London?

    Question Image

    He sends money to his relatives in Bangladesh.

    He Supports a children’s language school in Bangladesh.

    He goes back to  Bangladesh.

    He gives English classes at his stores.

  • Q6

    Who can’t find a good job in London?


    Apara Asuquo's husband

    SunYun Wing

    Apara Asuquo

  • Q7

    Whose children have a good job in London?

    The children of Sun Yun Wing and Apara Asuquo

    The children of three people.

    The children of BasherAli and Aparo Asuquo

    The children of  Sun Yung Wing and Bacher Ali.

  • Q8

    Who plans to stay in London?

    Apara Asuquo  and her husband

    Apara Asuquo  and BasherAli

    Sun Yun Wing and AparaAsuquo 

    Sun Yun Wing and BasherAli

  • Q9

    Why do Apara’s children plan to stay in London?

    Question Image

    They are studying in London.

    They have many opportunities in London.

    They got married and have new family in London.

    They don't miss Nigeria.

  • Q10

    Why did Apara come to London?

    Question Image

    She wanted to give her family a better life.

    She had many opportunities in London.

    She wanted to start her new business in London.

    She followed her husband who worked in a bank.

  • Q11

    What does “regular” mean?

    Question Image

    a person who buys things or services

    happening again and again in the same way

    to decide what you are going to do and how

    something important or unusual that happens

  • Q12

    What does “flexible” mean?

    Question Image

    something that happens because of something else

    able to change easily

    something people make to sell

    happening again and again in the same way

  • Q13

    What does “result” mean?

    Question Image

    to put together two things that belong together

    something that happens because of something else

    to find the answer to a problem

    something you do well

  • Q14

    Which career does not match each person’s responsibilities?

    Question Image

    An event planner – I need to be very organized and a lot of details.

    .A physical therapist – I work with many different people in restaurants.

    A  Webdesigner – The company calls me to plan a website.

    A sales assistant – I help customers make decisions about what to buy.

  • Q15

    Which career matches each person’s skill and interests?

         I like to be creative. I have flexible hours. I like to work from home.

    Question Image

    A physical therapist

    A sales assistant                                       

    An Event planner                                       

    A Webdesigner       


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