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  • Q1

    When does he wake up every morning?

     At exactly 6:00 AM

     Late in the morning

    After the morning rush hour

     Early in the morning

  • Q2

    What else does he think he could even do if he took a train to work?

    Do crossword puzzles

     Sing songs

     Write a book

    Read a novel

  • Q3

    How long might the evening drive back home take?

    Around 70 minutes

    50 minutes

  • Q4

    How is driving during the morning rush hour?

     Not very enjoyable

     It’s relaxing

    Not as much fun as walking

    It’s classical

  • Q5

    Which kind of music CD’s does he enjoy listening to in the car?

    c Disco

    Heavy metal



  • Q6

    He has been thinking about trying to take the train instead of driving to listen to music.

    True or False

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