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Real Analysis

Quiz by Anitha Cruz PSGRKCW

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  • Q1

    Let f be a bounded function defined on [a,b] and let P be a partition of [a,b]. If P* is a refinement of P then

    L(P*,f) \le L(P*f) 

    U(P*,f) \ge U(P*f) 

    L(P*,f) \ge L(P*f) 

    U(P*,f) \le U(P*f) 

  • Q2

    If P1 & P2 be any two partitions of [a,b] then

    U(P1,f) = L(P2,f) 

    U(P1,f) \le L(P2,f) 

    U(P1,f) \ge L(P2,f) 

    U(P1,f) \le U(P2,f) 

  • Q3
  • Q4
  • Q5

    Let f be real value bounded function defined on [a,b]. Then lower Riemann integral f over [a,b] _____ the upper Riemann integral of f over [a,b]

    can exceed

    cannot exceed


    may or maynot exceed


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