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Recap Time (Industries)

Quiz by Prarthana Mehrotra

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  • Q1

    Major industrial regions are located near:


    Sea Ports



  • Q2

    On which date the Bhopal industrial disaster took place?

    3 December 1984

    3 December 1985

    2 December 1984

    5 December 1984

  • Q3

    Which of the following is a private sector industry?

    Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

    National Thermal Power Corporation

    Tata Iron and Steel Industry

    Steel Authority of India

  • Q4

    Which of these isn't an industrial region in India?


    Bangalore-Tamil Nadu region

    Mumbai-Nagpur cluster

    Chottanagpur industrial belt

  • Q5

    Which of these is a characteristic of Large Scale Industry?

    Require huge investments

    Small Scale Production of goods

    Use less and simple technoogy

    Require low capital

  • Q6

    Agro-based industries use _______ products as their raw materials.

    plant and mineral-based

    plant and animal-based

    fish and plant-based

    fish and mineral-based

  • Q7

    Industries that are owned and operated by individuals or a group of individuals are called _________

    private sector industries

    joint sector industries

    public sector industries

    co-operative sector industries

  • Q8

    In case of the textile industry the inputs may be _______, human labour, factory, and transport cost. The processes include ginning, spinning, _______, dyeing, and printing. The finished product is the _______ you wear.

    minerals; weaving; shoes

    cotton; weaving; shirt

    minerals; grinding; dress

    cotton; mining; shirt


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