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16 questions
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  • Q1
    The main goal of Reconstruction was to
    readmit the former Confederate states to the Union
    provide newly freed slaves with land and money
    cause conflict
    establish black codes
  • Q2
    The Freedmen's Bureau was a/an
    group created to establish rules and regulations
    group designed to aid Reconstruction by building new buildings for the South
    organization made up of newly freed African Americans
    org​anization established by Congress to aid poor southerners
  • Q3
    The place where Lee surrendered to Grant, and is considered the end of the war
    Bull Run
    Appomattox Court House
    Lee's Tomb
  • Q4
    Many republican Congress members disagreed with Lincoln's 10% plan for Reconstruction because they thought
    Those who supported the Confederacy should be able to vote and hold office
    Lincoln's plan was too harsh
    the percentage of the oath of loyalty was too high
    it would take more to restore the Union than only 10% of the southern states to sear an oath
  • Q5
    The Radical Republicans put these people in charge of the south to enforce Reconstruction laws
    math teachers
    President Johnson
  • Q6
    The system that created "financial slavery" when old plantations were divided up and rented to poor whites and ex-slaves to farm but were always in debt to the landowner
  • Q7
    The northerners who came south during Reconstrction ​were called
  • Q8
    How did the Wade-Davis Bill differ from Lincoln's 10% plan?
    The Wade-Davis Bill required 10% of the southern males to take an oath of loyalty
    The Wade-Davis Bill required that a majority of southern males take an oath of loyalty
    The Wade-Davis Bill allowed slavery
    The Wade-Davis Bill allowed Confederate supporters to hold office
  • Q9
    The Reconstruction Acts, passed by Congress in March 1867, affected the makeup of the southern states by
    dividing the south into new states controlled by leaders who had not been supportive of the confederacy
    creating a new boundary that separated the North from the states that had seceded from the Union
    creating new governments and appointing African Americans
    dividing the south into five military districts controlled by a military commander
  • Q10
    The verdict of Plessy v. Ferguson said that
    legalized segregation as long as separate but equal facilities were provided
    decided that the Civil Rights Act of 1875 was unconstitutional
    ended the reign of the oppressive Jim Crow Laws in the United States
    stated that the Fourteenth Amendment could only be applied at the state level
  • Q11
    How did members of the Ku Klux Klan demonstrate their anger towards African Americans?
    They held peaceful protests
    The used violence and terror
    They voted against Democrats
    They lobbied Congress
  • Q12
    What are Jim Crow Laws?
    They protected civil rights
    They were used to enforce segregation
    They enforced African Americans right to vote
    They prevented African Americans from holding political office
  • Q13
    The Black Codes were
    laws passed that provided economic support for freed slaves
    laws passed that limited the freedom of African Americans
    identification numbers assigned to individual slaves
    demands from African Americans
  • Q14
    True or False: At the end of the war, the Union charged all Confedrates ​with trason ​and put the soldiers in prison
  • Q15
    True or False: After the war, Lincoln stepped down as President because people didn't like his Reconstruction Plan

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