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Quiz by Chris Ward

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    rebuilding after the war
    Era of Good Feeling
    Gilded Age
    Civil War
  • Q2
    President Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction offered a general pardon to Southerners who took an oath of loyalty to the United States and accept the Union's concerning
    food supplies
  • Q3
    Some Northers believed the Freedmen's Bureau should seize lands of Confederates to distribute to
    Union troops
    prisoners of war
    emancipated African American
    northern farmers
  • Q4
    One of President Johnson's proclamations states that each former Confederate state had to call a constitutional convention to revoke its ordinance of secession and ratify the
    13th Amendment
    14th Amendment
    Military Reconstruction Act
    15th Amdendment
  • Q5
    Who did the Republican convention unanimously nominate for president in 1868?
    Robert E. Lee
    Ulysses S. Grant
    Andrew Johnson
    Edwin M. Stanton
  • Q6
    The Military Reconstruction Act divided the former Confederacy, except for Tennessee, into five
    congressional districts
    Reconstruction Zone
    military districts
  • Q7
    Fearing that the Civil Rights Act might to be overturned in court, the Republicans introduced the
    15th Amendment
    14th Amendment
    black codes
    13th Amendment
  • Q8
    During the 1870s, Reconstruction governments in the South built a comprehension public
    transportation system
    hospital systems
    welfare system
    school system
  • Q9
    The outcome of the election that made Rutherford B. Hayes president is know as
    the Compromise of 1877
    the Panic of 1873
    debt peonage
  • Q10
    The main goal of Radical Republicans during Reconstruction included all of the following EXCEPT
    guaranteeing African Americans' right to vote in the South
    preventing confederate leaders from returning to power
    guaranteeing seats in congress for African Americans
    making the Republican Party a powerful institution in the South
  • Q11
    Some carpetbaggers were
    Southern African American freemen who moved to the North
    Southerners who favored Republicans plans for developing the economy
    white Southerners who moved to the north to escape the South's turmoil
    Northerners who moved to the South to take advantage of the war-torn region
  • Q12
    Reconstruction ended when
    Hayes pulled federal troops out of the South
    industrialization began in the South
    Hayes was elected
    Hayes submitted a plan for a "New South"
  • Q13
    Originally, the goal of the Ku Klux Klan was to
    drive out all Northern influences and return to a plantation system in the South
    remove African Americans from public office
    drive out Union troops and regain control of the South for the Democratic Party
    terrorize African Americans freedmen to force them to move to the North
  • Q14
    Some scalawags were
    Northern schoolteachers who educated whites and African American
    wealthy planters who were looking for a way to regain power
    African Americans who had won office in the Southern States
    Southerners who were owners of small farms who did not want wealthy planters to regain power
  • Q15
    Hundreds of formerly enslaved people served as delegates to state constitutional

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