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Reconstruction Cartoon KKK - United States History

Quiz by Kevin Neal

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  • Q1
    Which of the following represents an example of a Supreme Court decision that enabled the type of behavior toward former slaves that is shown in this cartoon?
    Question Image
    Scott v. Sanford
    Marbary v. Madison
    en re Gault
    Civil Rights Cases
  • Q2
    The actions portrayed in this picture were intended to do which of the following?
    Question Image
    keep African-Americans in a status of 2nd class citizens as close to that of slaves as is possible
    make the KKK part of regular Confederate units during the Civil War
    plan for the assassination of Presdient Lincoln
    divide the south in two (Anaconda Plan) to provide for a quick northern victory
  • Q3
    Conditions like those shown in the cartoon contributed most directly to which of the following?
    Question Image
    Confederate defeat during the Civil War
    the assassination of President Lincoln
    the Success of Jim Crow laws
    a long and costly northern vicotry during the Civil War

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