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Reconstruction Formative

Quiz by Dakota Barton

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  • Q1

    What is the belief that God wanted Americans to spread capitalism and democracy across North America?

    American Expansion

    Manifest Destiny

    Westward Expansion

    Pacific Trail

  • Q2

    Why was Andrew Johnson Impeached?

    Rigging the elections

    Lied under oath

    Spying on their political rivals

    Tried to fire cabinet officer without Senate approval

  • Q3

    What is the final battle of the Sioux Wars where a village of natives was slaughtered by the 7th Calvary?


    Wounded Knee

    Bull Run

    Little Big Horn

  • Q4

    What is the 10 % plan?

    States must release 10% of their slaves gradually in order to maintain peace.

    States must allow 10% of the African American population to vote every 3 months.

    South will be rebuilt to only 10% of their capability to keep them suppressed.

    States must have 10% of the population swear an oath of loyalty and ratify the 13th amendment.

  • Q5

    Which of the following is not a Civil War Amendment?





  • Q6

    What is Andrew Johnson's plan for Reconstruction?

    10% of the population must swear an oath of loyalty to the Union

    Confederates must swear an oath, received pardons, and can hold office

    Creation of the Freedman's Bureau

    South is broken up into military districts to allow African Americans to register to vote

  • Q7

    All of the following are reasons for traveling West EXCEPT

    The Gold Rush


    Share Cropping

    Homestead Act

  • Q8

    What is the Radical Republican Plans?

    Confederates are allowed to hold offices in the South

    Make 10% of the states swear allegiance to the Union

    Split South into military districts so African Americans can register to vote

    Creation of the Freedman's Bureau 

  • Q9

    The image above represents which of the following?

    Question Image

    Slave Codes

    Mark Freeman Laws

    Jim Crow Laws

    Black Codes

  • Q10

    Owning a portion of a plantation, but in return, you give the farmer some of your crops is known as...

    Sharing Harvest

    Jim Crow


    Communal Farming


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