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Reconstruction Quiz

Quiz by Gretchen Jacob

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  • Q1
    No one can be kept from voting because of race, color or former enslavement according to
    14th Amendment
    15th Amendment
    13th Amendment
    Black codes
  • Q2
    Which of the following made “all persons born or naturalized in the United States” citizens of the nation?
    14th Amendment
    Reconstruction Act of 1867
    13th Amendment
    15th Amendment
  • Q3
    Congress plan for Reconstruction that Lincoln “Pocket Vetoed”
    10% Plan
    Amnesty Act
    Presidential Reconstruction
    Wade-Davis Bill
  • Q4
    What was Lincoln’s Plan for reunification called?
    Wade- Davis Bill
    10 Percent Plan
    Freedmen’s Bureau
    Gettysburg Address
  • Q5
    Abraham Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction focused on:
    Restoring the South exactly to the way it was before the Civil War
    Punishing all of the Confederate leaders for treason
    Being lenient in hope of reuniting the country as quickly as possible
    Destroying the Southern plantation owners

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