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Reconstruction SS8 2.4 ET

Quiz by Cole Battaglini

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following was NOT a major problem during Reconstruction?
    Healing the psychological divide of the Civil War
    Helping Freedmen
    Repairing the destruction in the South
    Repairing our factories in the North
  • Q2
    Lincoln's Plan for Reconstruction involved...
    Bear, Beats, and Battlestar Galactica
    Pardoning Confederate generals, ending slavery, and the Freedmen's Bureau
    A 10% loyalty pledge, ending slavery, forgiving MOST Confederates
    The Freedmen's Bureau, three amendments, and a military occupation of the South
  • Q3
    Compared to Lincoln's 10% Plan, Johnson's Plan was...
    Harsher on the South
    Exactly the same
    Johnson didn't even have a plan
    Nicer to the South
  • Q4
    Why was President Johnson impeached?
    He fired a member of his Cabinet without the approval of Congress
    He lied about being born in Tenessee
    Nobody liked him
    He was found to have committed war crimes
  • Q5
    The 13th Amendment
    Outlawed slavery
    Gave women the right to vote
    Granted voting rights to black people
    Granted citizenship to black people
  • Q6
    The 14th Amendment
    Gave women the right to vote
    Gave citizenship and equal protection to black people
    Outlawed slavery
    Granted voting rights to black people
  • Q7
    The 15th Amendment
    Outlawed discrimination
    Gave women the right to vote
    Granted voting rights to black people
    Outlawed slavery
  • Q8

    "We demand a thorough and uncompromising transformation of the South to ensure the full enfranchisement and protection of the rights of freedmen. There can be no true Reconstruction without justice and equality for all citizens."

    During the Reconstruction era, the quote above was most likely spoken by...

    A former general in the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia

    A Republican

    Governor Samuel Tilden

    A Democrat

  • Q9

    In order for a President to be impeached, the ________1__________ votes on articles of impeachment while the __________2__________ holds a trial to determine whether the President is actually removed.

    1-Supreme Court/ 2-House of Representatives

    1-House of Representatives/ 2-Senate

    1-Senate/ 2-House of Representatives

  • Q10

    Link the Reconstruction Amendment with its affects

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  • Q11

    The Freedmen's Bureau was a government organization that provided former slaves with the tools they needed to build a good life: food, housing, education, clothing, medical care, and legal assistance.

    True or False
  • Q12

    In order to get around the requirements of the 13th Amendment, the Southern states began using a practice that bound black people to agricultural work using a contract that made it very difficult to accumulate money and pay off debt. This system was called





  • Q13

    "We see Reconstruction as an intrusive and punitive federal policy that threatens our traditional way of life and infringes upon our rights as states. Though we recognize the end of the institution of slavery, it is another thing entirely to suggest equality between blacks and whites! We must resist these changes to preserve our values, heritage, and local autonomy."

    During the Reconstruction era, the quote above was most likely spoken by...

    An officer within the Freedmen's' Bureau

    A Republican

    A Democrat

    President Lincoln


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