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Reconstruction Test Review

Quiz by John Heeg

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29 questions
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  • Q1
    Poll taxes, literacy tests, and the grandfather clause were all created during the late 1800s to restrict the voting rights of
    White plantation owners
    Former Confederate leaders
    Poor Whites
    African Americans
  • Q2
    Define Freedmen's Bureau.
    a government agency to help former Northern soldiers.
    a government agency to help Southern plantation owners rebuild.
    a government agency to help former slaves.
    a government agency to help former Confederates.
  • Q3
    Who were the leaders of the Radical Republicans?
    Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner
    Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln
    Andrew Johnson and Charles Sumner
    Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson
  • Q4
    What were the goals of the Radical Republicans?
    Break the power of wealthy planters & ensure freedmen received the right to vote.
    Override Vetoes
    none of the above
    Veto the 10% Plan & the Wade-Davis Bill
  • Q5
    What did the Freedmen' Bureau do for African Americans and poor whites?
    provide food and clothing to former slaves.
    set up schools for former slaves.
    provide medical care for blacks and whites.
    all of the above
  • Q6
    The Fourteenth Amendment stated that
    all persons born in the United States were citizens.
    slavery was banned throughout the United States.
    the South should be divided into five military districts.
    all black men had the right to vote.
  • Q7
    Why were African Americans stuck in a cycle of poverty?
    Johnson was racist
    Freedmen’s Bureau did not help them
    Lincoln’s Plan did not help African Americans
    they were stuck as sharcroppers working for plantation owners
  • Q8
    Define Black Codes....
    rules followed by the KKK
    laws that limited the rights of freedmen.
    members in Congress who opposed Andrew Johnson.
    members in Congress who supported Andrew Johnson.
  • Q9
    What was Andrew Johnson doing in the political cartoon?
    Question Image
    all of the above
    Vetoing the Freedmen's Bureau.
    Making it easy for former southern leaders to get reelected.
    Signing the Freedmen's Bureau so it can become a law.
  • Q10
    What did the 15th Amendment do?
    made African Americans citizens
    forbid any state to deny any citizen the right to vote because of race or color
    none of the above
    abolish slavery
  • Q11
    Define amnesty.
    government plan.
    a key part of the Wade-Davis Bill
    southern hatred.
    a government pardon.
  • Q12
    Why were the obstacles in the political cartoon put in place for African Americans?
    Question Image
    to prevent poor whites from voting.
    to prevent African Americans from voting.
    to prevent plantation owners from voting.
    to prevent southern leaders from voting.
  • Q13
    Which Supreme Court case ruled that segregation was legal so long as the facilities were equal?
    none of the above
    Dred Scott Decision
    Plessy v. Ferguson
    Brown v. Board of Education
  • Q14
    What did the 13th Amendment do?
    Abolish slavery.
    Gave African Americans the right to vote.
    Gave women the right to vote.
    Gave citizenship to African Americans.
  • Q15
    Who did amnesty not apply to under Lincoln’s 10% plan?
    Northern leaders
    Southern soldiers
    African Americans
    Former leaders of the Confederacy

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