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Reconstruction & the Conspiracy Surrounding Abraham Lincoln's Death

Quiz by Scott Philipp

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Where was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?
    on a train bound for Philadelphia
    in front of the White House
    at Ford's Theater
  • Q2
    Who killed Abraham Lincoln?
    John Surrat
    John Wilkes Booth
    Lewis Powell
  • Q3
    How was Lincoln killed?
    fatal stabbing
    fatal gunshot wound
  • Q4
    Who were the two politicians that were also supposed to be assassinated at the same time as Lincoln?
    Jefferson Davis and Andrew Johnson
    Ulysses S. Grant and Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson and William Seward
  • Q5
    What ultimately happened to John Wilkes Booth?
    He was captured outside the theater and was hanged until dead.
    He was shot while hiding in a barn, and later died from the injury.
    He was caught and executed for treason.
  • Q6
    What was the name of the play that Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd were attending when he was shot?
    Romeo & Juliet
    The Tragedy of Man
    Our American Cousin
  • Q7
    Other than Booth, how many conspirators did we identify through the presentation?
  • Q8
    What was the outcome of Mary Surratt's trial?
    She was found guilty, sentenced to imprisonment, but in the end was pardoned by Andrew Johnson.
    She was found guilty and hanged as the first white woman to be executed by the U.S. government.
    She was found guilty and given a life sentence of imprisonment.
  • Q9
    Which of the following statements is true about Lincoln's assassination?
    Major Henry Rathbone tried to stop Booth, but Booth killed him.
    Booth shouted "Sic Semper Tyrannis" while standing on the stage of the theater.
    After Booth shot Lincoln, he jumped from the presidential box and was immediately captured.
  • Q10
    Where did Lincoln die?
    He was carried to a boarding house across the street where he died the next day.
    He died in the Presidential Box at the Ford Theatre immediately after he was shot.
    He was taken back to the White House where he died in his bed.
  • Q11
    Which of these was not part of the Reconstruction effort?
    Southern shipping industry
    Southern government
    Southern infrastructure
    Southern society
  • Q12
    After Booth escaped Washington, D.C., he arrived at Dr. Mudd's house where the doctor proceeded to set his broken leg, allowing Booth to continue to evade authorities. What happened to Dr. Mudd as a result of this action?
    He was found guilty at his trial and hanged with the other co-conspirators.
    He was put on trial for conspiracy in aiding Booth, resulting in a life sentence in prison, but would later be pardoned by Andrew Johnson.
    He was found not guilty and continued to practice medicine in Virginia.
  • Q13
    How many days after General Lee surrendered to General Grant passed before Lincoln was killed?
  • Q14
    Who replaced President Lincoln after he died?
    Andrew Johnson
    William Sewell
    Jonathan Surratt
  • Q15
    Originally, what did Booth plan to do with the president?
    blow up the White House
    attack the Presidential train
    kidnap him

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