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  • Q1

    1. Cora is a caregiver and she uses Aneroid blood pressure apparatus to check her patient's condition. She noticed that the blood pressure cuff cover needs to be clean. The following are the things she must do to maintain the cuff EXCEPT one.

    Do not machine dry

    Wipe with clean cloth and alcohol solution.

    Wash with white vinegar

    Air dry

  • Q2

    2. Jean is a nurse and assigned to the emergency room. She uses digital thermometer to check patient's body temperature. All of the following are the steps in cleaning the thermometer EXCEPT one.

    Clean the exterior part of the thermometer.

    Clean and put in a proper place.

    Wipe the thermometer with a cloth and an alcohol.

    Rinse the thermometer in a running water.

  • Q3

    3. Your mother instructed you to iron your clothes. What will you check before ironing the clothes?

    Start with a clean base or clean ironing board

    All of the above

    Inspect the label of the fabric

    Pre-heat the flat iron in 2-3 minutes

  • Q4

    4. Your mother instructed you to wash the laundry. What will you do after using the washing machine?

    Place the washer to direct sunlight to let it dry

    Rinse it clean and leave the lid open to assure air flow and let it dry.

    Do not clean and leave it open.

    Cover the washer with a blanket

  • Q5

    5. Which of the following provides a detailed written instruction to achieve uniformity of the performance to a specific function.

    Policy guidelines

    Inventory logbook

    Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

    Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

  • Q6

    6. Which of the following is the best way to store a thermometer?

    Place in a box

    Place inside the cold place

    Place inside the thermometer's container.

    Place inside the cabinet

  • Q7

    7.  Which of the following is the best way to store a stethoscope?

    Store it away from  direct sunlight

    Place under a heavy object

    Place it inside the refrigerator

    Store it near solvents and oil

  • Q8

    8.  Why it is important to clean a flat iron?

    To avoid the sole plate to become oily, sticky and dusty.

    All of the statements are correct.

    To avoid sticking into the clothes

    To avoid formation of rust.

  • Q9

    9.  Quennie loves to drink coffee every morning using her coffee maker. She cleans the coffee maker on a regular basis so that...

    It will improve the coffees flavor

    It will change the taste of the coffee

    It will maintain good quality of the unit and also will serve a good coffee

    The coffee will last longer

  • Q10

    10. Which is the best to use in cleaning the inside of a coffee maker?

    Baking soda

    Vinegar and water 

    Dish washing liquid


  • Q11

    11.  What tooth-whitening and antibacterial agent can be used in cleaning a blender?

    Polydent Tablet

    Sodium Bicarbonate


    Ascorbic Acid

  • Q12

    12. All of the following can clean a blender EXCEPT:

    Lemon or vinegar

    Baking soda


    Dish soap/ Dish washing liquid

  • Q13

    13.  Clean and sanitize your stethoscope after using.



  • Q14

    14. All the everyday used equipment should be place above or hard to reach area of your kitchen cabinet.



  • Q15

    15.  Cleaning and storing tools, equipment, and paraphernalia after using is one way to prolong its life usage. 




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