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Recruitment and selection documents

Quiz by Gordon Gidney

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    What am I? I give information to prospective employees about what a job actually involves
    Job Description
    Letter of Application
    Person Specification
  • Q2
    What am I? I give information about the type of person that an organisation is looking for.
    Application Form
    Job Description
    Person specification
  • Q3
    Name the two key characteristic headings found in a Person Specification
    Qualifications and Hobbies
    Previous Experience and Desirable
    Essential and Desirable
    Physical Characteristics and Essential
  • Q4
    Which Act of Parliament has a major impact on the Person Specification to avoid discrimination? Date required
    Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
    Race Relations Act 1976
    Equality Act 2010
    Data Protection Act 1998
  • Q5
    Which document is unique to an organisation and prepared by them in connection with a job?
    Letter of Application
    Application Form
  • Q6
    What is the maximum size of a CV?
    Three Pages
    Two Pages
    One Page
    No limit
  • Q7
    Which document is usually submitted with a CV?
    Person Specification
    Covering Letter
    Application Form
    Memorandum of Application
  • Q8
    What is a major feature of a CV?
    Written by the applicant and is always up-to-date
    Written by the applicant and difficult for the organisation to compare with other applicants
    Written by the applicant and gives a complete understanding of them
    Written by the applicant and covers their weaknesses
  • Q9
    Why is a Letter of Application helpful to an organisation?
    It contains all their skills and abilities
    It shows their ability to write in good English
    It is easy for an organisation to compare with other applicants
    It allows them to comply with the law and discriminate against those whose first language is not English
  • Q10
    What is the major advantage of an Application Form?
    They are designed by the applicant so it shows their IT skills
    Easy to compare one applicant with another because of the structure of the form
    Easy for an applicant to fill in because it can have many pages
    They are always online forms
  • Q11
    I contain the following: Responsibilities; Broad Terms; Responsible to whom; Scope of the post; education and qualifications. What am I?
    Person Specification
    Job Interview
    Application Form
    Job Description
  • Q12
    What is an advantage of an online Application Form?
    It shows whether someone has good IT skills and if not it prevents them from applying
    They can be very long and shows whether people have the determination to do a job if they fill them in
    It is cheaper than a paper-based form and less likely to be lost
    They are easy to prepare

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