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Reflection, Refraction, Absorption (SC.7.P.10.2)

Quiz by A. Barrios

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    After following the directions in the simulation, what colors did you notice emitted from the triangle prism?
    The red laser beam was bent
    All colors of the visible spectrum
    Red, Yellow and Orange
    Red and White light (Since we changed the screen to black)
  • Q2
    Which of the following is the best explanation for why the sky is blue?
    Blue light from the sun is absorbed by our atmosphere.
    Blue light from the sun is reflected off the ocean.
    Blue light from the sun is refracted by the clouds.
    Blue light from the sun is scattered by our atmosphere.
  • Q3
    Why is it a good idea to wear a white/light colored shirt on a hot sunny day?
    You will scatter more sunlight
    You will absorb more sunlight
    You will absorb and scatter sunlight
    You will reflect more sunlight
  • Q4
    Andrea was sitting at a table with a yellow lemon in front of her. Her friend, Savannah entered the room and shut off all of the lights and closed the door. The room had no windows, along with no cracks in the door meaning no light would be able to enter the room. If Andrea was looking at the lemon the entire time, which of the following statements best describe her ability to see the lemon in the dark room?
    Andrea will not see the lemon, regardless of how long she is in the room.
    Andrea will see the lemon after her eyes have had time to adjust to the darkness.
    Andrea will only be able to see a faint outline of the lemon after her eyes have had time to adjust to the darkness
    Andrea will see the lemon after her eyes have had time to adjust to the darkness, however she will not be able to see the yellow color.

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