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Quiz by Becki Basham

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28 questions
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  • Q1
    Social reformer who was the "Father of the Common School Movement". (You can thank this guy for public school system)
    Horace Mann
    Dorothea Dix
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Q2
    A reform movement led by Dorothea Dix that removed children and the clinically insane from adult prisons.
    Women's suffrage
    Society Ball
    Prison Reform
  • Q3
    She was a social reformer who made prisons & hospitals reform. (especially for the mentally ill)
    Dorothea Dix
    Susan B. Anthony
    Sojourner Truth
    Hariett Tubman
  • Q4
    A Naturalist who believed people were at there best when left to their own means.
    Frederick Douglass
    Henry David Thoreau
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Q5
    She was an abolitionist and women's rights advocate. She escaped slavery and changed her name from Isabella Baumfree to _________________.
    Hariett Tubman
    Dorothea Dix
    Sojourner Truth
  • Q6
    An escaped slave who became a famous orator and published anti-slave writings in the "North Star".
    William L. Garrison
    Frederick Douglass
    Abe Lincoln
  • Q7
    Dorothea Dix led a reform movement to improve peoples lives for those who couldn't take care of themselves. She petitioned the legislature for mental hospitals and wanted mentally ill separate from ordinary criminals.
    Voting Rights
    Care for people with lung disease.
    Care for the mentally ill and disabled
    Women's suffrage
  • Q8
    A network of routes and safe houses used by enslaved people to escape to free states. Hariett Tubman was know as the conductor.
    Underground Railroad
    Chatanooga ChooChoo
    Oregon Trail
    Santa Fe Trail
  • Q9
    To make changes in order to improve. ( you know like in prison's, women's rights, education, disabled, mentally ill or religion.)
  • Q10
    A philosophical movement about individualism. Believing people and nature are inherently good and should be self-reliant. Thoroeu & Emerson were a part of this movement.
    Folk Heroes
  • Q11
    An abolitionist and journalist who founded the American Anti-Slavery Society. He also fought for women's rights and wrote "the Liberator".
    Dorothea Dix
    Horace Mann
    William Lloyd Garrison
  • Q12
    A reform movement that was part of the "Second Great Awakening". Paved the way for prohibition & the 18th amendment (no alcohol).
    Education Reform
    Social Reform
    Temperance Movement
  • Q13
    An abolitionist philosopher who was known for not paying his taxes and transcendentalism. He was know for his book "Walden" which reflected upon his belief in simple living in natural surroundings. His essay, "Civil Disobedience" was ans argument for civil disobedience.
    Henry David Thoreau
    Ralph Emerson
    William Garrison
  • Q14
    Reform movement against alcohol.
    Civil Disobedience
    Education Reform
    Temperance movement
  • Q15
    Parody of a founding document by Elizabeth Cady Stanton "all men & WOMEN are created equal" that advocated for women's rights and was read at the Seneca Falls Convention.
    Declaration of Independence
    Declaration of Rights
    Declaration of Sentiments

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