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Reform in the 1800s

Quiz by J Crissman

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  • Q1
    women couldn't vote, lacked guardianship over children, lost their property and wealth to their husbands; women became inspired the Second Great Awakening; women's right movement would be inspired from the abolitionist movement where women helped raise money and collected petition signatures
    women's rights reform
  • Q2
    most famous preacher of the era and used common language and allowed women to pray
    Charles Grandison Finney
  • Q3
    a broad religious movement that swept through the US mainly in camp meetings and revivals that challenged people towards reform
    the Second Great Awakening
  • Q4
    an emotional meeting designed to awaken religious faith through impassioned preaching and prayer
  • Q5
    held in Philadelphia; assembled by Richard Allen and the African Methodist Episcopal Church; participants discussed leaving and settling in Canada
    the first black national convention
  • Q6
    a New England writer; leader of a group of transcendentalists
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Q7
    circuit riding preacher that logged over 300,000 miles and preached over 16,500 sermons (and LOTS of crazy stories about him
    Peter Cartright
  • Q8
    a philosophical and literary movement that emphasized living a simple life and celebrated the truth and goodness found in nature
  • Q9
    this man put the idea of simple living into practice when he moved out to Walden Pond in MA and wrote "Walden" and civil disobedience
    Henry David Thoreau
  • Q10
    the act of peacefully refusing to obey unjust laws
    civil disobedience
  • Q11
    a MA man that was a remarkable leader in public school reform movement and became 1st secretary of MA Board of Education and established teacher-training programs
    Horace Mann
  • Q12
    the call to outlaw slavery which was fueled by preachers; at first, antislavery societies advocated for the resettlement of blacks in Africa
  • Q13
    the most radical white abolitionist who started the newspaper "The Liberator"
    William Lloyd Garrison
  • Q14
    anti slavery newspaper; created by William Lloyd Garrison; advocated for immediate emancipation
    The Liberator
  • Q15
    a black man born into slavery; taught to read and write and would eventually escape slavery and created "The North Star"
    Frederick Douglass

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