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Quiz by Lynzee Monta

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25 questions
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  • Q1

    1. Mang Karding sells fish. He keeps them in a big basin. He cleans the fish for his customers. He slices the big ones. He uses a weighing scale to measure them. What does Mang Karding do?

    A. He cooks fish.

    D. He sells fish.

    B. He catches fish.

    C. He eats fish

  • Q2

    2. Ben is a healthy boy. He drinks milk every day. He eats fruits and vegetables. He does exercises. He sleeps early every night.

    In what form are the underlined action words in the selection?

    D. simple form

    A. ing-form

    C. s-form

    B. past form

  • Q3

    3. Mother went to the market. She bought some eggs. She asked for the price of a dozen eggs. She paid theseller.

    In what form are the underlined action words in the selection?

    B. past form

    A. ing-form

    D. simple form

    C. s-form

  • Q4

    4. Read the riddle below. Which animal does the following actions?

    I climb trees

    I live in the forest.

    I eat bananas.

    C. monkey

    B. horse

    D. snake

    A. chicken

  • Q5

    5. In Science class, your teacher placed some sugar, honey, peanut butter, and a ripe mango on top of the table. What one word can you use to describe all the things your teacher brought in class?

    B. round

    C. sweet

    A. heavy

    D. yellow

  • Q6

    6. Which of the following word can be used to describe a place?

    B. lazy

    D. old

    C. heavy

    A. delicious

  • Q7

    7. Anna always greets her teachers in school. She says, “please” whenever she asks help from the school janitor. She asks permission before using her classmate’s stuff. How would you describe Anna?

    A. boastful

    B. courteous

    D. rude

    C. helpful

  • Q8

    8. Which among the sentences uses the correct degree of comparison?

    C. Room A is wide than room B.

    D. This soup is hottier than that one.

    A. Amy is the smallest among the girls.

    B. He is the bravest boy in class.

  • Q9

    9. Susie’s grandfather is a farmer. He harvests apples, bananas, and mangoes. To which group do apples, bananas, and mangoes belong?

    A. animals

    B. flowers

    C. fruits

    D. vegetables

  • Q10

    10. You checked the school calendar. You then noted that the opening of classes is on September. On October you will celebrate Teachers’ Day. Araw ng Pagbasa is on November. September, October, and November are______________.

    B. weeks of the month

    C. months of the year

    D. years of the week

    A. days of the week

  • Q11

    11. In Art class, your teacher asks you to color the picture of a butterfly blue, red, and yellow. The underlined words are___________.

    D. tastes

    C. sounds

    B. shapes

    A. colors

  • Q12

    12. Your mother told you to organize your things. Where will you put your slippers?

    B. laundry basket

    C. pencil holder

    A. closet

    D. shoe rack

  • Q13

    13. A steel is a kind of iron used to make tools and weapons. Which of the following groups of objects are all made of steel?

    C. mirror, paper, cloth

    A. cooking pan, key, nail

    B. key, cooking pan, paper

    D. nail, cloth, mirror

  • Q14

    14. The playful boy threw a ball at Jenny, but she ducked, so he missed. What does the underlined word mean?

    B. closed one’s eyes

    C. jumped

    A. bowed

    D. stood still

  • Q15

    15. Mother set out the utensils because the dinner is ready. Which of the following is an example of a kitchen utensil?

    D. spoon

    B. scissors

    C. shovel

    A. saw


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