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Quiz by Sheila Vernot

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32 questions
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  • Q1
    A region based on people's feelings and attitudes.

    A region based on the type of government

    A region based on physical features

    A region focused on a central area and its surrounding land

  • Q2

    A region based on people's feelings and ideas

    A region that focuses on a central area and its surroundings.

    A region based on the type of government

    A region based on the economy

  • Q3

    A region based on daily life

    A region based on physical fitness of the population

    A region based on physical features.

    A region based on climate

  • Q4

    Features of arts like sculpture and dance

    Features of the earth like mountains, islands, and plains.

    Features of daily life like food and clothing

    Features of the economy like jobs and factories

  • Q5

    A region based on the country's resources

    A region based on the country's voting record

    A region based on the country's kind of government.

    A region based on art and history

  • Q6
    Examples of political regions

    tropical, forest, desert

    county, state, country

    president, congress, judge

    mountain, plateau, plain

  • Q7
    What are the political regions of Wauseon?

    Dover Township, Lucas County, Ohio, USA

    Clinton Township, Fulton County, Ohio, USA

    German Township, Henry County, Ohio, USA

    Fulton Township, Clinton County, Ohio, USA

  • Q8
    What do maps of political regions show?

    rainfall, temperature, and humidity

    borders, cities, states, and countries

    religion, daily life, and history

    mountains, rivers, and oceans

  • Q9
    Culture regions are based on what traits or elements?

    clothing, mountains, rivers, and history

    food, restaurants, churches, and  roads

    language, religion, government, economic systems

    cities, states, counties, and countries

  • Q10
    What do maps of Culture regions show?

    Locations of perceived areas

    Large areas that have commonly shared culture elements

    Locations of mountains, rivers, and plateaus

    Locations of restaurants

  • Q11
    A region that is based on a common feature?

    Culture Region

    Formal Region

    Functional Region

    Perceptual Region

  • Q12
    What is an example of a formal region?

    mountains, plains, plateaus

    Daily life, history, arts

    Ohio, mountains, Pacific Ocean

    Corn Belt, Wheat Belt, Sun Belt

  • Q13
    What is dialect?

    The type of housing that is built

    A local form of language that differs from the main language.

    A type of limited government

    The lack of food

  • Q14
    What is Cultural Diffusion?

    The process of determining what type of government will rule

    The process of determining what food will be eaten

    The process of dividing the world into culture regions

    The process of spreading new knowledge and skills to other cultures.
  • Q15
    What is Culture?

    The beginning stages of a civilization

    The language that is spoken

    A way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs.

    The factors that determine what social group you belong to


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