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Regions and Native Americans of Texas

Quiz by Lopin, Toby R

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  • Q1
    Which region is being described by the table above?
    Question Image
    Great Plains
    Coastal Plains
    Mountains and Basins
    Central Plains
  • Q2
    The Gulf Coastal Plains region of Texas has greatly influenced the economic development of Texas because of the region’s –
    High elevation
    Abundant mines
    Accessible coastline
    Small population
  • Q3
    If you were to travel EAST to WEST across Texas, what change would there be in both elevation and precipitation?
    Elevation and precipitation would decrease
    Elevation would decrease but precipitation would increase
    Elevation would increase but precipitation would decrease
    Elevation and precipitation would increase
  • Q4
    According to the map, why might the Comanche and Apache frequently fight with each other?
    Question Image
    Buffalo in the Great Plains became more and more limited
    The Coahuiltecans encouraged them to become Catholic
    The Comanche became allies with the Wichita tribe
    They threatened to spread measles to one another
  • Q5
    Which of the following pairs of Native American tribes best fit the information in the chart?
    Question Image
    Jumanos and Tiguas
    Atakapans and Cherokees
    Kiowas and Coahuiltecans
    Caddoes and Lipan Apaches
  • Q6
    In the box above, Speaker B is most likely referring to the –
    Question Image
    Gulf American Indians
    Southeastern American Indians
    Puebloan American Indians
    Great Plains American Indians
  • Q7
    Which of the following best explains why the Native populations in New Spain decreased dramatically during the 1500s?
    The natives moved into unsettled territory
    They remained in the safety of French forts
    The natives contracted European diseases and died
    The natives began to move to Europe and adopt Spanish culture
  • Q8
    Which of the following is an example of how geography affected the life of the Caddo?
    Question Image
    The land was fertile for farming, so the Caddo lived in permanent villages
    The Caddo lived where buffalo grazed, so they were able to use buffalo hides for their teepees
    The Caddo lived in land where wild animals couldn’t survive, so they did not hunt
    The Caddo did not interact with other tribes because their location was so far away from others
  • Q9
    People cutting down trees to build homes, living near rivers and lakes, using wildlife for food resources are all examples of how people…
    Grew the lumber and oil industry
    Develop written records
    Communicate with other cultures
    Adapt to the environment
  • Q10
    The buffalo was such a sacred animal to the Apache, Comanche, and Kiowa tribes. What benefits did the buffalo provide for these tribes?
    Only food
    Howitzers and Artillery
    Food, shelter, clothes, weapons, and tools
    Transportation and farm work

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