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Religion II Final (8th)

Quiz by Mallie Rutledge

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  • Q1
    What are the four facts that we can use when defending the resurrection? (Be specific on these for the exam discussion!!!)
    Jesus was dead, early accounts, the tomb, and eyewitnesses
  • Q2
    a rich Pharisee who puts Jesus' body in his tomb
    Joseph of Arimathea
  • Q3
    who provided myrrh and aloe for Jesus' body
  • Q4
    what were the high priests afraid of, so what did they do?
    they are afraid of what Jesus' followers may do. they believe that they may go steal his body, so he sends guards to guard the tomb
  • Q5
    why do the women go to the tomb?
    to finish embalming Jesus' body (they were rushed on Friday, so they couldn't do the full embalming)
  • Q6
    what does John letting Peter enter the tomb first show?
    Peter is the leader of the church (first pope)
  • Q7
    the first person Jesus appeared to
    Mary Magdalene
  • Q8
    what is unique about Jesus' glorified body?
    he can walk through walls, change his appearance, teleport, doesn't have to eat or sleep, etc.
  • Q9
    According to John's Gospel, when does Mary Magdalene recognize Jesus?
    When He says her name
  • Q10
    why didn't the disciples believe Mary Magdalene when she told them she saw Jesus
    she was a woman
  • Q11
    who did the disciples say first saw Jesus post-resurrection
  • Q12
    what is the order in which Jesus revealed himself
    the women, Peter, the 12, everyone
  • Q13
    Where Cleopas and another unnamed disciple met Christ after the Resurrection
    Road to Emmaus
  • Q14
    did cleopas and the unnamed disciple recognize Jesus while they talk
    no, Jesus kept his identity secret (changed his appearance)
  • Q15
    what were the two men talking about on the road to Emmaus, and how did Jesus respond
    they were losing hope that Jesus was the Messiah, but Jesus reminded them of the prophecies

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