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Religious Laws

Quiz by Jaciara Mesquita Rosa Bertossi

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  • Q1
    What is the Jewish day of rest called?
    The Day of Atonement
    The Passover
    The Feast of Tabernacles
    The Sabbath
  • Q2
    What is the first commandment in Christianity?
    Love your neighbor as yourself
    You shall have no other gods before me
    Thou shall not steal
    Honor your father and your mother
  • Q3
    What is the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony called?
    Bar Mitzvah
    Yom Kippur
  • Q4
    What is the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus called?
    Good Friday
  • Q5

    What is Sanhedrin?

    The power rangers

    The same as Sabbath

    The council of elders

    The Roman laws

  • Q6

    After Rome takes over,  what was the Sanhedrin situation?

    Sanhedrin could still judge the Jew's bad attitudes

    It became the Roman Court

    Sanhedrin made a powerful alliance with the Romans and kept ruling the Jews

    Roman’s allowed Jews to freely practice their religion, but they had more power than the Sanhedrin

  • Q7

    In Judea, which jobs were NOT common?

    Doctors and nurses

    Fishermen and Tradesmen


    Farmers, shepherds and herders

  • Q8

    What do Jews believe in?

    Ishmael and Isaac are the founders of Judaism

    A Messias will come and save them

    Jesus is the answer

    Christmas is a time to celebrate with pork and dairy food.

  • Q9

    Why did Jews were not happy with the tax collectors?

    Tax collectors were Romans

    They were speaking in different languages

    They would come and collect more than half of their wages

    Because they enjoyed eating pork and dairy together


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