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Quiz by Mae Elaine Mirando

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48 questions
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  • Q1

    It may or may not cause damage, injury, fatality, loss or work stoppage





  • Q2

    Give atleast one type of accident

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  • Q3

    What are the primary causes of accidents

    B. Accident

    Both A and D

    C. Unsafe 

    A. Unsafe Condition

    D. Unsafe Act

  • Q4

    The human actionthat departs from astandard or writtenjob procedure orcommon practice,safety rules,regulations orinstructions.

    Unsafe Act

    Safety hazards

    Unsafe Condition

    Health hazards

  • Q5

    The physical or chemical property of a material, machine orthe environment which could result in injury to a person, damage or destruction to property, or other forms of losses.

    Unsafe Act 

     Safety hazards

    Unsafe Condition

    Health hazards

  • Q6

    something that has a potential for injury

    Unsafe Act

    Unsafe Condition

    Safety hazards

    Health hazards

  • Q7

    something that has a potential to cause illness

    Health hazards

    Unsafe Act

    Safety hazards

    Unsafe Condition

  • Q8

    Last line of defense

    Protective Personal Equipment

    Personal Protective Equipment

    Personal Equipment Protective

  • Q9

    devices and garments designed to serveas a barrier between workers andworkplace hazards.

    Professional Personal Equipment

    Personal Protective Equipment

    Protective Personal Equipment

    Protective Practical Equipment

  • Q10

    OSHS stands for

    Occupational Safety and Healthy Standards

    Occupation Safe and Health Standards

    Occupation Safety and Health Standards

    Occupational Safety and Health Standards

  • Q11

    General provision for personal protective equipment

    OSHS RULE 10080

    OSHS RULE 1080

    OSHS RULE 1800

    OSHS RULE 18080

  • Q12

    PPE related training must cover the following items except:

    The limitations of the PPE

    How to properly don, doff, adjust, wear, maintain and dispose of PPE

    When and what kind of PPE is necessary

    The brand name of the PPE

  • Q13

    Companies are required to:

    All of the above.

    Monitor and enforce the use of required PPE.

    Train employees on the use of PPE.

    Provide certain types of PPE at no cost to the employee.

  • Q14

    Protective footwear purchased after July 5, 1994 shall comply with:

    Your current company standards

    ANSI Z41-1991

    Whatever you supervisor says is acceptable

    Red Wing manufacturer standards

  • Q15

    PPE is Required:

    When on a job site

    When the employee has less than five years experience

    Where there is an exposure to hazardous conditions or where it has been determined that a hazard exists

    When it's raining


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