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Remember the Maine! Causes of America's War with Spain

Quiz by Mrs. S. Gerhardt

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    What territories did Spain have left according to paragraph 1?
    Cuba, Puerto Rico and America
    Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippines
    Cuba, Puerto Rico and Samoa
    Cuba, Florida, and Puerto Rico
  • Q2
    Cuba was described in paragraph 2 as
    a hotbed of strife.
    just off the coast of Florida.
    beautiful tropical place.
    being run by Cuban rebels.
  • Q3
    The Spanish Army in Cuba
    forced the villagers from their homes into camps.
    gave the rebels supplies.
    got supplies from the people in the countryside.
    supported the rebels.
  • Q4
    In paragraph 4 it describes
    how they put all the rebels on trial.
    the conditions in the camp which were terrible.
    how the Spanish treated the rebels in such a kind way.
    how nice the camps were.
  • Q5
    Some crew members on the Virginius were captured (paragraph 5)
    and executed by the Spanish.
    and saved by the Americans.
    by the British.
    and forced to go to Jamaica.
  • Q6
    Newspaper publishers published the gory details of this and other stories from Cuba because (paragraph 6)
    it didn't make them any money.
    they disliked Cuba.
    they liked breakfast.
    sensational stories sold newspapers.
  • Q7
    Paragraphs 7 and 8: What did Cuba want?
    Spain's power.
    Freedom from Spain's rule.
    The rebels to go to America.
    Spain to be fair.
  • Q8
    The USS Maine was sent to Cuba to do what? Paragraph 9
    Protect American interests.
    Go to war.
    Create an upheaval in Cuba.
  • Q9
    How many Americans were lost in the explosion? (Paragraph 10)
    274 men injured, 50 died.
    15 lost, 274 injured.
    375 men.
    274 men died, more than 50 injured.
  • Q10
    "Remember the Maine!" would later be the battle cry
    to find out what happened in the explosion.
    for rallying the US Soldiers.
    for Spain to fight the US Navy.
    control the harbor.
  • Q11
    Paragraph 12 gives some theories as to what happened. Which of the following was NOT a theory.
    It was a mine set by Spain.
    The blast was an accident.
    It was a mine set by the US.
    It was a mine set by Cuba.
  • Q12
    In paragraph 13, the Teller Amendment included everything BUT
    Spain must leave Cuba.
    The US would not lay claim to Cuba after Spain was ousted.
    US Military would do whatever it took to chase them out.
    who should be blamed for the explosion of The Maine.

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