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Remote Sensing

Quiz by Vida Boshoff

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  • Q1

    What is an advantage of Remote Sensing 

    Data is always easy to understand and analyze

    Data can be collected from inaccesible areas

    Remote Sensing is relatively cheap

    The satellite images are clear

  • Q2

    A METEOSAT is used for environmental management

    True or False
  • Q3

    What is an Infrared Satellite image show?

    Shows the air motions in the atmosphere and shows where there is more or less water vapour in the atmosphere

    Photographs of earth showing clouds

    A temperature map that detects heat energy and displays objects based on their temperature

    Shows the climate and weather and is used to observe the earths surface

  • Q4

    Map makers are called Meteorologists

    True or False
  • Q5

    What type of satellite image is this and what does it show you?

    Question Image

    Visible satellite image showing the photograph of earth

    Infrared satellite image showing you the temperature of objects based on their temperature.

    SPOT  satellite image showing the earths surface and used for sobservation

    Infrared satellite image showing air motions in the atmosphere and how much water there is in the upper and higher regions of the atmosphere


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