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Removal Exam in MAPEH 7 Q3


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22 questions
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  • Q1

    1. What is the musical form of “El Galina Capituda”?

    b. Tertiary form

    a. Strophic form

  • Q2

    2. Which improvised instrument can be a like to a Tambourine?

    b. Bottle cap & Tie wire

    a. Tin can & Pebbles

  • Q3

    3. What type of instruments are Maracas and tambourine?

    a. Percussion instruments

    b. Stringed instruments

  • Q4

    4. El Galina Capituda” is a song from __________________.

    b. Mindanao

    a. Visayas

  • Q5

    5. Which of the following is the basic musical texture of the song “El Galina Capituda”?

    a.  Homophonic

    b. Monophonic

  • Q6

    6. The culture of Maranao is abundant with design called _____________.

    b. okir

    a.    Tarongan

  • Q7

    7. Sarimanok is originated from what tribe ?

    b.  Maranao

    a. T'boli

  • Q8

    8. According to tradition, how should Sarimanok must be displayed?

    a.    with a set of flags

    b.    with a set of feathers

  • Q9

    9. According to the Legend of Sarimanok What is the name of the raja who fall in love with the moon goddess ?

    a. Raja Indarapatra

    b. Raja Sulayman

  • Q10

    10. It is a dance considered as part of the tradition or custom of a particular people.

    a.  folk dance

    b. modern dance

  • Q11

    11. It is a dance which originated in Palo, Leyte, a small town in the Visayas in the central Philippines that imitates the movement of the tikling birds.

    a. itik-itik

    b. tinikling

  • Q12

    12. What is the measurement of the bamboo poles in dancing folk dance tinikling?

    b. 2 to 4m long

    a. 3 to 6m long

  • Q13

    13. What type of dress is usually worn in dancing folk dance tinikling?

    b. Balintawak

    a. Maria Clara

  • Q14

     14. What is the basis of all LOCOMOTOR MOVEMENTS?

    a. step

    b. jump

  • Q15

    15. This movement is simply described by having both feet lose its contact with the ground.

    a. step

    b. jump


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