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Renaissance & Reformation

Quiz by MartinStickler

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is a major reason the Renaissance began in the Italian city-states?
    The Mediterranean location of these city-states encouraged trade.
    The favorable climate of Italy led to a reliance on agricultural products.
    The Alps isolated these city-states from the rest of Europe.
    The Rhine River provided power to Italian industries.
  • Q2
    A major reason the Renaissance began in the Italian city-states was their
    location on the Mediterranean Sea
    dependence on the teachings of the Catholic Church
    access to goods from the Americas
    military success against the Seljuk Turks
  • Q3
    The Renaissance in western Europe was a period noted for
    a shift from a spiritual focus to a more humanistic one
    the rise of feudalism in the Mediterranean region
    the mass movement of peoples from urban to rural areas
    armed conflict over control of the Holy Land
  • Q4
    Which term is defined as a Renaissance movement characterized by independent thought and a renewed interest in classical Greek and Roman culture?
  • Q5
    During the Renaissance, the role of the individual as well as the study of Latin and Greek classics, moral philosophy, and history were closely associated with
    national self-determination
  • Q6
    Which statement best expresses the philosophy of humanism?
    God selects those to be saved.
    The pope expresses the ultimate word of God.
    People have potential and can improve themselves by learning.
    A person’s life on Earth is merely preparation for the afterlife.
  • Q7
    The influence of Greek and Roman culture on some Renaissance art is reflected in
    the impact of William Shakespeare’s writing in southern Europe
    challenges made to ancient religious ideals
    competition promoted between northern and southern European artists
    a realistic portrayal of the human body
  • Q8
    Which leader started the Protestant Reformation by speaking out against papal abuses and the sale of indulgences in the Ninety-five Theses?
    Henry VIII
    Martin Luther
    John Calvin
    John Wycliffe
  • Q9
    Which situation was a direct result of the Protestant Reformation in western Europe?
    The Pope was removed as leader of the Catholic Church.
    The religions of the people of Europe became more diverse.
    Women assumed leadership in most Christian denominations.
    European rulers established religious freedom for their subjects.
  • Q10
    What was a consequence of the Protestant Reformation?
    Secular rulers became more powerful.
    The Holy Roman Empire became a republic.
    Religious differences were peacefully settled
    Judaism dominated southern Europe.

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