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Rental Law

Quiz by Jimmy Snyder

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Who is the person that owns the property
    Mrs. H
    Deposit on a property
  • Q2
    Who is renting the Property?
    Mrs. H
    Deposit on a property
  • Q3
    It is when you pay someone for the use of (something, typically property, land, or a car)
  • Q4
    What is not a responsibility of a LandLord?
    Have a functional fire detector, locks, furnace, plumbing and electrical system
    Comply with all Indiana Health and Safety Codes
    Maintain common areas of property
    Feeding your kids
  • Q5
    What is not a responsibility of a Tennant?
    Do not damage, destroy or remove any part of the rental property
    Comply with all provisions of the lease
    Send notice to landlord if smoke detector is not working
    Finding clients to rent the property to.
  • Q6
    Why might someone be evicted?
    They like Dasani Water
    A Tennant fails to pay rent
    They did not make ICDC
    They got a 1000 on their SAT
  • Q7
    What is not a step in the eviction process?
    If for failure to pay rent, tenant has ten days after due date to pay
    in state of Indiana landlord sends tenant a notice to quit
    If paid within ten days landlord cannot sue
  • Q8
    What is not a problem with the eviction process?
    Lavar Ball
    Time from filing summons to court date can be timely
    Sheriff's department often does not show for eviction
    Typically tenant is in rental unit for two months without paying rent
  • Q9
    What is not a step in the commercial evictions process?
    Sentenced to death
    Notice for eviction is given
    Landlord can summon the tenant in court if they refuse to leave
    Court sets the date and time of appearance
  • Q10
    If the tenant does not pay rent when it is due, the landlord can give the tenant a ______________ notice to pay rent
    long-arm statue
    ten-day notice to pay rent
    99-day notice to pay rent
    Gold bar

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