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Republic of Texas

Quiz by Christine Boothe

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24 questions
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  • Q1
    Texas gained her independence from Mexico in what year?
  • Q2
    Who was the first President of the Republic of Texas?
    Abraham Lincoln
    Stephen F Austin
    Mirabeau Lamar
    Sam Houston
  • Q3
    Which of the following was NOT a policy of Sam Houston's Presidency?
    To reduce spending and pay off Texas's debts
    To remove Native Americans from Texas
    To encourage the U.S. to annex Texas
    To sign peace treaties with Native Americans
  • Q4
    What is Anson Jones known as?
    Architect of Annexation
    The Father of Texas
    The Father of Education
    The Raven
  • Q5
    Who was the Father of Education?
    Sam Houston
    Anson Jones
    Mirabeau Lamar
    Juan Seguin
  • Q6
    Who led the Texans to victory at the Battle of San Jacinto?
    Stephen F Austin
    Davey Crockett
    Sam Houston
    William Travis
  • Q7
    Where was the first capital of Texas?
    Austin, Texas
    Columbia, Texas
    Dallas, Texas
    Houston, Texas
  • Q8
    Why did the Republic of Texas era end in 1845?
    The US bought Texas
    Mexico regained control of Texas
    Texas gained independence from Mexico
    US Annexed Texas as a state
  • Q9
    Who's nickname was the Raven?
    Jim Bowie
    Santa Anna
    Juan Seguin
    Sam Houston
  • Q10
    Which President sent a expedition to Santa Fe, New Mexico to encourage them to join Texas?
    Sam Houston
    Santa Anna
    Mirabeau Lamar
    Mier y Teran
  • Q11
    Who was a Texas Navy Captain that refused Houston's orders to sell his ship?
    Jack Coffee Hays
    John B. Magruder
    William Goyens
    Edwin Moore
  • Q12
    Texas joined the United States as which state?
  • Q13
    What was the Joint Resolution of 1845?
    The end of the Mexican War
    The beginning of the Civil War
    When Texas was annexed by the United States
    When Texans pledged loyalty to Mexico
  • Q14
    A Tejano that attended the political conventions
    Jack Coffee Hays
    Jose Antonio Navarro
    William Goyens
    Edwin Moore
  • Q15
    What was the Council House Fight?
    A fight between the Anglos and the Cherokee
    A battle in the Civil War
    Peace talks between the Anglos and Comanche that terribly wrong
    A bloody fight between the Texans and Mexicans

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