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Republic of Texas and Road to Statehood

Quiz by Laboy, Omar

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22 questions
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  • Q1

    Why did many Texans favor annexation to the United States?

    Texas could be divided into five states.

    Texas would be a territory rather than a state.

    Texas debts from the republic would be paid.

    Texas would keep 21 million acres of public land.

  • Q2

    What was the outcome of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?

    The United States and Mexico ended their conflict.

    Peace was established with American Indian tribes.

    Texas gained independence from Mexico.

    Americans agreed to admit Texas into the union.

  • Q3

    How did the Compromise of 1850 affect Texas?

    Texas was admitted to the United States union.

    The practice of enslaving people was expanded.

    New borders were established for Texas.

    Many U.S. southerners moved to Texas.

  • Q4

    The events portrayed in the advertisement came about because of the -

    Question Image

    annexation of Texas of the United States

    agreement dividing Texas and New Mexico

    disputes between Texans and American Indian Tribes

    efforts of Texas to gain independence from Mexico

  • Q5

    A primary goal of the Santa Fe Expedition was to-

    establish a western boundary of Texas

     rescue Texas Rangers trapped in New Mexico

    escort the Cherokee tribe to Oklahoma

    free Anglo captives from Comanche leaders

  • Q6

    Which of the following generalizations is true based on the maps?

    Question Image

    Hispanics settled across the largest area of Texas.

    Czech settlements were mainly located along the coast.

    Hispanic settlements were mainly located in North Texas

     African Americans were the ethnic largest group to settle in Texas

  • Q7

    Sam Houston opposed building a navy for Texas because he thought it would -

    anger the United States

    drain Texas’ finances

     curb trade on the Caribbean Sea

     heighten tensions with Mexico

  • Q8

    The primary function of the Texas Rangers for the Republic of Texas was to —

    return fugitive enslaved people to Texas farms

    built irrigation systems for Texas farmers

    protect Texans from Native American tribes

    establish a prison system for the Texas justice system

  • Q9

    Which number on the map reflects territory gained by the United States as a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

    Question Image





  • Q10

    Which of these statements is true about African Americans in Texas during early statehood?

    The vast majority of African Americans were enslaved.

    About half of the African Americans were free.

    Most free African Americans fled to Mexico.

    Laws encouraged free African Americans to come to Texas.

  • Q11

    How did German Texans preserve their home culture after migrating to Texas?

    by pushing for a state law that allowed the German language in schools

    through activities with Irish Texans and other immigrants

    through returning to Germany after several years

    by maintaining food, festivals, and religious practices

  • Q12

    What did Mirabeau Lamar focus upon in his campaign for president?

    Question Image

    France's recognition of Texas as a nation

    The failure of Sam Houston’s peace policy to end attacks by Native Americans

    His own opposition to the Texas Rangers

    U.S. plans to annex Texas

  • Q13

    What were the results of the Mier Expedition?

    Mexican troops defeated the Texans, and 17 Texans were executed

    Texas militia stopped the fighting between feuding forces in East Texas, but smaller feuds continued.

    General Alexander Somervell found no sign of Mexican forces north of the Rio Grande and returned home.

    Sam Houston met with Native American leaders and made peace with 11 Native American groups.

  • Q14

    What was one outcome of the U.S.-Mexican War?

    Mexico gave up all claims to Texas.

    The United States gained control of the Oregon Country.

    Mexicans living in the new territories moved to Mexico.

    Texas and the new territories had to give up slavery.

  • Q15

    The invention of the ___________ transformed communication in Texas by enabling message to be sent quickly over long distances.

    record player

    cell phone



  • Q16

    What key political issue was raised due to new U.S. territory gained as a result of the war with Mexico?

    whether the new territories had any important resources

    whether the new territories would be open to slavery

    location of the border between Texas and Mexico

    whether Mexico would follow through on paying reparations

  • Q17

    What was one reason for the republic's money problems?

    The Allen brothers needed a large amount of money to build the new capital city.

    The Texas Rangers charged a lot of money to protect settlers from attacks by Native Americans.

    Revenues far exceeded the expenditures of the government.

    The government had borrowed $1.25 million to pay for the revolution.

  • Q18

    What reason did President James Polk give Congress to declare war against Mexico in 1846?

    Mexico had invaded U.S. territory south of the Rio Grande.

    Mexico had shed American blood on American soil.

    Mexico was late paying reparations from the Texas Revolution.

    Mexico wanted more money for giving up Texas land.

  • Q19

    What is Manifest Destiny?

    The United States should acquire Texas before it became its own nation.

    The United States needed to compete for trade with Asia.

    The United States was meant to share North America with England and France.

    The United States had the right to settle North America from coast to coast.

  • Q20

    What is cession?

    something that is taken from a country by force

    a new law

    something that is given up in a treaty, generally a territory

    a meeting


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